Why Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars are Fascinated with Kabbalah

Several years ago, Madonna became interested in Kabbalah, and since then, many Hollywood stars have followed her footsteps. Many people are wondering do not know what motivated the stars to become followers of Kabbalah. Madonna developed an interest in the Jewish mysticism, and in a short duration, she opened several Kabbalah centers. The star also invested heavily in studying the Jewish wisdom.

Since then, many Hollywood stars have expressed their interest in the wisdom. Some of these celebrities include Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sammy Davis, Marilyn Monroe and Sandra Bernhard. Although these stars are not Jews, they have a particular interest in Kabbalah, and most of the practice it routinely. A good number of them have even decided to completely convert to Judaism because of Kabbalah because of the benefits they get.

According to one of these starts, Sandra Bernhard, Kabbalah was able to eliminate at least eighty percent of the problems that she was experiencing in her daily life. Paris Hilton believes that the wisdom is very helpful. According to her, she was able to cope with a break up with the great Nick Carter by going to a Kabbalah Center that is based in Los Angeles. When she arrived at the facility, she was given a new red string Kabbalah bracelet. Since then, she visits the center regularly. These visits help her deal with the challenges of life. Many people visiting the center share the same sentiments.

The Kabbalah Center was established several decades ago to pass the traditional wisdom from one generation to the other. According to the Center, the teachings they provide gives the followers practical tools for creating joy and offering the fulfillment they need in life. The center has a particular system that completely changes the way individuals look at the world.

Not all celebrities are attracted to Kabbalah for personal problems like Paris Hilton. Sammy Davis had other reasons for joining Kabbalah followers. The Sammy needed to become part of a history and at the same hold that wasn’t material. He wanted something that would increase his inner strength at the end of the day.

Tim Armour Cautions Fledgling Investors Following Buffett’s Advice Too Closely

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett recently issued a challenge to several hedge fund managers that he, investing soley in S&P 500 passive funds, could generate more returns. The winner of this challenge will receive $1 million to the charity of choice.

It’s a fool’s bet considering Buffett’s record-breaking streak on returns. But in a recent op-ed on CNBC, fellow investor Tim Armour cautions those new to investing to consider a few things before deciding to mimic Buffett too closely.

Armour points out that while Buffett himself has been more than successful by sticking to low-cost investments, the success of sticking to his formula is more academic than most new investors perhaps how. The real concern for those looking to enter into investing for the first time or increasing their activity in the market is that the returns they receive exceed their initial investment.

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Buffett’s advice appeals to this group of investors because he praises the passive index so highly. It has relatively little in the way of risk and promises large returns. But Armour argues that this isn’t necessarily safer for the investor. While recent years have prolonged the current bull market, making people more confident in investing more capital, this has gone on for an abnormal length. And such confidence that the market will continue to grow exponentially does not prepare investors stepping into the fray now to handle a looming bear market, the time to essentially hibernate from risky ventures.

For new investors, Armour points to manager ownership as a sign of good investment. Any manager investing in their own stock tends to average with higher than average returns than benchmark indexes predict. The reasoning concludes that if a manager is willing to risk their own capital then the confidence from other investors will likely match, helping to fund the business to returns.

About Timothy Armour

After graduating from Middlebury College in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, he entered into a lifelong career at Capital Group Companies. Acquiring decades of experience with investments and telecommunications, Armour eventually ascended to the roles of Director, Chairman, and Principal Executive Officer for Capital Research and Management Company.

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Duda Melzer’s RBS Group Is One Of Brazil’s Biggest Media Companies

The media industry in Brazil is a highly competitive and a extremely visible part of Brazilian society. The media industry is controlled by four wealthy Brazilian families, and each one of those families has contributed to the aura and the allure of Brazil. Reporting the news in Brazil is part carnival sideshow, part soap opera, and part precise reporting. The glam and glitter of television, as well as radio and newspaper reporting, gives Brazilians a sense of comedic relief in a country that is immersed in one of the longest and deepest recessions in its history.

The Sirotsky family in the South of Brazil controls the RBS Group. RBS is headquartered in the city of Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. RBS has been a Rede Globo affiliated for 60 years. That’s when Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho founded the Rede Brasil Sul de Televisão company. Today, RBS is the largest Rede Globo affiliate. RBS owns radio and TV stations, newspapers, a digital company and online news and entertainment companies like globo.com. RBS has more than 6,000 employees, and the company employs more journalist than other media group in the country.

Duda Melzer, Maurício’s grandson, is the CEO of the company. Duda Melzer is a new age executive who earned an MBA from Harvard. He also has an extensive background in advertising and franchising. He grew up in the Brazilian media business, but he wanted to learn some of the tricks of the trade in the U.S. Duda was president of New York-based Box Top Media before returning to Porto Alegre to oversee some of the marketing for the RBS Group. Duda Melzer was VP of marketing before he became the president at the end of 2016. Melzer replaced his uncle Nelson Sirotsky.

Overseeing the operation of more than 20 TV stations, 24 radio stations, 8 newspapers, a printing company, online news reporting, and a digital media company keeps Melzer busy. But he is always available to help spread goodwill and positive information. For more information, visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com.


Customers React Positively To Securus Technologies

The public’s safety is extremely important, and the company, Securus Technologies is the leader in the field. They are using their expertise to create technologies that will work for many of the facilities across the country. Since they have the ability to do this, they are well known clear across the world.


Their latest technology deals with visitations with the prisoners from their loved ones. It is called Video Visitations, and it has had extremely positive results for many of the facilities. The company also has invited their customers and the public to visit their complex. It is Dallas, TX, and while they are there, they will be given a tour and a presentation. This will allow them to see what the company is currently working on, and why it is so important for the public.


Since Securus Technologies is sought after by many companies and facilities across the nation, they are creating more technologies every week. The government uses them on a continual basis, and the company deals with over a million prisoners. They are dedicated to making the world a safer place so that all people can live and work in a safe environment. They are experts in both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system.



Cherished Wedding Memories By George Street Photo and Video

Known for their unparalleled wedding photography and videography, the exquisite work of the expert photojournalists at George Street Photo and Video consistently sets the mark for excellence in capturing and documenting cherished moments of the wedding experience. For years, their work has served to enhance wedding celebrations for numerous couples in an array of diverse settings.

It all began with a talented team of individuals providing quality wedding photography services in the city of Chicago, and their acclaim quickly spread. Today, the team at George Street Photo and Video have made their services accessible to literally millions

of people in cities all across America, including Kansas City, Missouri and Austin Texas.

As in every city where George Street offers their services, the photo and video teams in Kansas City and Austin utilize the uniquely photogenic surroundings of these cities to create wedding memory packages that are simply unmatched in quality. https://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/george-street-photo-video/5c781569306e1f06.html


Ricardo Guimarães is the President his V.P., Marcio Alaor is making waves.

Marcio Alaor is the Vice President of Banco BMG. The President is Ricardo Guimarães, however, Marcio is making news recently for revealing that a private sector asset organization known as The World Bank, may begin to slowly shift resources to Brazilian firms within 1 year’s time, in regards to loans and debt that it currently owns.


During the past year there has been an expansion initiated where long term asset investments began to display a significant growth and The World Bank wants to increase contractual investments in Brazil to a height of $1.7 billion, which would be as high as 30 percent of The World Bank’s capital stock. This is a major increase in growth by comparison to the previous year’s returns.


When the country experienced an economic crisis in the year 2016, the value of the market was significantly reduced in the financial and capital markets. This caused The World Bank to focus intently on debt management. Héctor Gomez Ang, who is the general manager of The World Bank also known as the International Finance Corp, believes this to be a fundamental movement displaying an obvious indicator of Brazil’s economy.


On the other hand, Héctor believes that the 2017 fiscal year displays a highly confident stance for the global market. This outlook can easily justify major increases from long-term Brazilian investments, this is according to Marcio Alaor.


Marcio Alaor hails from Santo Antônio do Monte. His family credo is one of working hard to achieve professional success. He is today, the Vice President one of Brazil’s largest institutions for finance. This esteemed position inspired many who reside in his hometown to achieve greatness, themselves. Marcio Alaor has also been honored as one of the most important and influential businessmen in Brazil during the Agricultural Exhibition’s 33rd year exhibition.


Marcio Alaor is true to his beginnings and one of his chief credo’s is to motivate growth in the area of his hometown of Santo Antônio do Monte to assist his community in building a better life for themselves. Cidade, one of the main newspapers in the area emphasized that Marcio places high value on his friends and family in Santo Antônio do Monte, stating that his success in business is a direct result of the strong encouragement that he received in his youth.


He was asked to relay any potential advice to the people of his city by the newspaper. Marcio indicated that to be successful in today’s world, the point is to chase your dreams regardless of what other people may believe and to force your desires to manifest themselves, but to do all of this without forgetting to be humble.

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