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Whitney Wolfe Reworks Social Media into an All-Inclusive Format

Whitney Wolfe is unexpected app game-changer that most people may not have seen coming. In the dating app world there were only two types of scenarios where dating actually occurred. In the general realm of social media there was a community where people may start as friends and become more than that. This, however, was rare. For most people that wanted to meet singles online there was going to be a dating app like Match or eHarmony that would play the role of the middleman in these potential matchups.

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What makes Whitney Wolfe different with her new innovative Bumble app is approach. She is creating Bumble as a company that provides a multitude of different possibilities. The difference is that these areas of the app are all separated to avoid confusion.

When people are looking for a business connection and a way to engage in networking they go with Bumble Bizz. They do not have to get clumped in with other singles that are looking for a mate through the Bumble dating portion of the app. The same thing goes with people that are looking for friends. There’s no need for someone that is only looking for friendship to get caught up in an area where they are being approached for dates. This is something that Whitney Wolfe was aware of as a needed platform for people to move back and forth between one or the other.

For other apps like Match and e-Harmony it was all about dating and nothing else. For applications like Facebook it was about building friendships and nothing else. LinkedIn would provide a professional networking connection, but there was no room to make friendships or match with other singles that were looking today. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit.

Whitney Wolfe has appeared as the leader that knew how to implement all three things and still provide walls that gave people the necessary boundaries that they needed to keep these worlds separate. What is fascinating is that Whitney Wolfe managed to do all of these things under one roof. Bumble is the only company that she is over, but she is over so many different facets of relationship building. This is what makes her the billion-dollar app woman that has many opportunities in store in the future. She is part of a renaissance millennial movement of innovators that have ideas that are changing the way that people look at social media.

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Bumble Apps, Whitney Wolfe Herd

Making the Best Friends With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe strives really hard to empower women. One of the ways that she wants to empower women is by enabling them to gain good relationships and friendships. One way that she has done this is by creating Bumble BFF, and extension of dating app. One of the purposes behind this is to not only help women make friends but also help them make the best types of friendships with people. She is aware that some women will have a hard time for making friends. Some of them struggle for unexpected reasons. After all, both men and women have to deal with jealousy and envy from others and even within themselves.


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With the success that Whitney Wolfe experiences, it is very likely that she is going to be met with some kind of resentment from people. Therefore, she is willing to help people find their own value. This is perhaps one of the most empowering achievements. When people can get themselves to a point where they like who they are without any comparison to another, then they can experience the greatest in self worth. Whitney Wolfe shows that everyone has something valuable about them. It is just up to each individual to find their own value.

When one realizes her own value, she will want the best type of relationship that she can get. This does not mean that she wants people that are going to agree with everything she says and believes. However, she is going to want people who will help her grow. She is also not going to tolerate any disrespect or foul treatment from people who call themselves friends. For instance, Whitney Wolfe has expectations on how she is going to be treated by the people who are in her life. This is what keeps her encouraged and moving forward.

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Bumble Apps, Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe herd’s billion dollar app

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an American entrepreneur, born to Micheal Wolfe and Kelly Wolfe, at Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended Southern Methodist University, Majoring in International studies. Whitney’s talent in entrepreneurship began at a young age of 19 when she started a Bamboo Tote bags selling a business that helped areas affected by BP Oil Spill. Due to her work the bags received national recognition through celebrities that were photographed with them, that boosted her path to success.

Whitney Wolfe herd met the man of her dreams Micheal herd while on vacation with a friend who introduced them, Micheal later proposed to Whitney two years later at his ranch in 2015 at sunset, talk about romance. They got married in Italy, Villa Tre Ville in an epic wedding. Whitney Wolfe Herd dazzled the audience with her blue silk strapless dress by Oscar de La Renta making her the highlight of the evening.

Whitney Wolfe currently is the CEO and founder of Bumble, a dating app that allows ladies or rather women to initiate contact. This app permits only women to initiate a chat with preferred male matches, and users must reply to messages in a span of 24 hrs or the match disappears. Bumble was launched in December 2014 after Badoo founder and CEO partnered with Wolfe, allowing Bumble to use Badoo’s infrastructure and Andreev’s consultation.

The app is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas and has a total of 70 employees globally,85% of whom are women. Bumble released BFF mode in March 2016; this mode enabled users to find platonic friends as well as potential dates. In March 2017, bumble announced that it would launch a career networking app known as Bumble Bizz, it was launched in October the same year, the app also uses a woman first approach strategy.

The 28-year-old Whitney Wolfe herd has obtained approximately 22 million registered users. By letting women take the lead in dating dynamics, she has made Bumble a household name in the market. By giving women control over the whole dating idea, Bumble has found something to match its competitors. Bumble began producing app purchases by August 2016 leading to a 100 Million cross sales this year, through strategic advertising. The sales are projected to double by the year 2018. Whitney Wolfe Herd was named $1 billion queen bee of dating apps on Forbes 30 under 30 list.