Todd Levine and His Great Litigation Services

Todd Levine works on every complex business dispute presented to him. In his career, he tackles misunderstandings and conflicts in the entertainment and sports industries and many other commercial settings. He is skilled in his niche and strategizes on a case before handling it. He has worked as a litigator for years, and his experience as an attorney has enabled him help and save the many clients that seek his services.




His interest in complex commercial litigation was drawn from his capability to untangle the complicated stuff easily. He started working on complex cases very early in his career. By simplifying issues to make the comprehension of the jury easy, Todd Levine knew that litigation was his calling. His success grew his client base and made him more significant in the courtroom. Todd’s form of the lawsuit is diverse as he travels a lot when work calls.







The excellent attorney work Todd Levine does has earned him notable coverage in the Florida Trend Magazine and the Super Lawyers Business Edition among other publications. To get where he is, Todd Levine ensures that he puts his clients first before anything. He often responds to inquiries within a day, as he prioritizes his clients’ needs.




When not an attorney, Todd Levine prides himself as a musician and artist, he is talented in playing the guitar and keyboard and enjoys entertaining a few friends and family. Being a musician is not just a hobby for Todd, he loves that he gets to express himself differently, and interact with other parties in informal settings. Music and arts also help him view litigation from a different perspective.



Krishen Iyer Increases Client Satisfaction With New Multi-Level Platform

Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefit Services, a marketing services company located in Fresno, CA. He is the founder of the firm, and it was previously named Quick Link Marketing. Krishen Iyer created the company with the concept of offering marketing consulting. The company creates a plan for generating customer leads to professionals in the insurance industry, namely for professionals in the areas of dental, life, and health insurance..


With an extensive background in the implementation of technological development and digital marketing, Krishen Iyer provides a full spectrum of marketing services to his clients. He and his team recently completed a new offering at Managed Benefit Services that provides a multi level platform for services. He anticipates that the new platform will add a greater level of benefits and results for his clients.


The entrepreneurial spirit in Krishen keeps him constantly searching for new developments that will improve and grow his company. He sets high standards for himself, and he has big goals that he has set for the company. He seeks innovative new techniques that can enhance the company’s capacity to meet the growing demands of the insurance sector. Ķrishen provides his consulting services to professionals who work in the competitive insurance industry. He creates his own unique marketing strategy to help pull a greater number of leads in the client’s direction.


Much of the success of his company comes from Krishen’s high standards for client relations. He takes on the responsibility of business development in his role as CEO. His diverse experience with digital marketing has proven to be highly effective for the company. The wide reaching effects of digital marketing are anticipated to continue to grow in the future.


Krishen Iyer is a graduate of San Diego University, and he currently resides in California.


Interview with Clay Hutson

Clay Huston is a renowned figure in the live music industry. After undertaking several courses in the University, Clay Hutson was employed by various companies within the music industry. However, during the recession period, the company he was working with faced financial challenges and that is when he decided to start his own live music production company. He used the experience and expertise he acquired while working to build his business. Since then, he has gained a reputation for his quality services and has so far worked with several international celebrity musicians and companies including Kid Rock.


Where did the idea of starting a company come from?


I have always wished to have my own company but that dream did not materialize until a few years ago when the company I was working for started facing financial difficulties as a result of the great recession. Considering the fact that I had acquired adequate experience together with some savings, I saw an opportunity to make my dream a reality. I did all the paperwork and consultations and within a short time, my production management company was up and running.


How does your typical day look like?


I always run floors for different events as a stage manager. At the moment I work for Kid Rock shows and I am forced to start my day as early as 6:30 a.m. This helps me to prepare the venue put everything in order so that by the time the crew arrives no time is wasted. I make sure that everything is the right place to avoid any mishaps during the live performance.


How do you make ideas work for you?


I envisage how I want the show to be in my mind. That helps me to put in place everything that I might require to make the show livelier. For instance I have to get the best lighting and sound system that will suit the performance for that particular day or night.


Do you have a habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?


I am used to working three steps ahead of myself. For example, if I have to travel

somewhere I will prepare for that journey for a whole day putting into consideration even the smallest things.


What advice would you give to your younger self?


I would always ensure that I am honest with myself and others. Besides, I would also put my family first before everything else.  Learn more: http://www.g1limited.com/news.php?id=46



An Interview with Music Producer, Clay Hutson