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Wine Lovers Turn their Passion into Money with Traveling Vineyard

Wine is one of many people’s favorite things and being able to use this passion to make extra money has some savvy consumers taking a second look at the Traveling Vineyard opportunity. Wine Guides are basically sharing their love of wine with family and friends and utilize their time together at tastings to share some basic wine knowledge. If you are looking for a passive income stream or want to spend more time learning about wine, the Traveling Vineyard program may be worth a second look. Becoming a Wine Guide is a straightforward, and with the social aspect of the business, it doesn’t feel like a job for most Guides.

For an investment that is less than $200, you will receive your Starter Kit. This kit will get you started with everything that you could possibly need for your first two Tastings including 10 bottles of wine. You earn money when people order wine at your events, and Wine Guides can earn anything from $80-$100 on average, but this income is not guaranteed. There are fees involved with hosting events and you will be required to purchase the wine for each tasting. If your event generates more than $150 in orders, Traveling Vineyards will reimburse you for the cost of the Tasting Set and more

The wines made available from Traveling Vineyard are sourced from around the world and represent such storied regions as Bourdeaux and Languedoc in France. Other nations that are represented include Spain, the United States, Italy, and Portugal. Each Tasting Kit will give your guests the opportunity to try a variety of growing regions as well as varietals. These wines are all blended in a consistent manner that provides a high-quality product in each bottle. Even longtime wine enthusiasts will likely learn something at your Wine Tasting!

If you are looking for an additional income stream that will allow you to learn more about your passion for wine, Traveling Vineyard is a great option. Traveling Vineyard is the perfect mix of fun and business, and the Tastings where you gather your friends and family to learn more about wine hardly feels like work! Whether you are already a wine expert or are just learning about your new hobby, the Tasting Notes that are provided by Traveling Vineyard have everything that you will need to host a successful event. Traveling Vineyard is an effective way to earn some extra money without increasing your stress level and more