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Dr. Saad Saad Wears an Inventors Cap

A catheter is a tube inserted intravenously into the body. It serves a variety of functions both permanent and part-time. Surgeons use them to give access to their surgical instruments. Doctors use them to drain certain areas of fluids and gases. They have a variety of functions that medical practitioners use every day.


Catheters require specific placement to be functional, and can hinder surgical operations if the location is not known. This is why x-rays are used to pinpoint the exact location of an inserted catheter. X-rays are not potentially harmful, if used sparingly, but repeated doses can harm the body with radiation. MRI’s can also be used, but the clunky machines are not portable. It is a pain to drag a patient all the way to an MRI machine and then all the way back to the operating room. This is why Dr. Saad Saad invented a catheter with an integral Electromagnetic location identification device.


Dr. Saad Saad is a lauded pediatric surgeon. A veteran of over a thousand operations the man knows what he is doing. For 40 years he used complex pediatric operations to reduce pain and risk for his patients. He always pushed himself to improve the present methods and operations physicians currently perform. Seeing a need in the catheter department, he decided to put on an inventor’s hat and create a solution. His solution, known as patent number 5,727,553, uses electromagnetic energy to locate catheters within the body.


Surgeons can use an external device that reads electromagnetic signals to pinpoint catheter locations inside the human body. Basically its a human metal detector with the coils running through the catheter emitting a signal that is picked up by the coils in the external device.


The device is small, portable, and the signals are not harmful to the body. Use of the invention is safe and effective. Patients can avoid x-rays and MRIs and reduce the risk of adverse effects from both. Although the invention is not widely used yet, it is catching on rapidly through medical circles.


Dr. Saad Saad is also the inventor of an endoscope apparatus that provide suction, allowing practitioners to see into the human body. This is great for detection of infection, examination, or even operation. Doctors can use the device to see the area of the body they are working in, allowing the operations to be more accurate and risk free.


Dr. Saad Saad’s goal is to help the patient by providing the most effective treatment. He is willing to look outside the box to find such treatment, pushing boundaries for the sake of making modern medicine better. Dr. Saad also helps underprivileged children by offering his free service through medical missions. Learn more: