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The Lori Senecal Effect in the Branding Business

Lori Senecal is the former Global CEO of CP+B. She has stepped down from this position, but she has definitely made her mark with this company. She has proven herself to be a resourceful leader that is able to bring in a lot of big-name contracts.


United Airlines would be one of the companies that would benefit from the branding that was done by Senecal. She had a knack for developing brands and establishing a campaign that could meet the needs of companies that needed to build better advertising programs.


Lori has proven herself to be a power player in the business world that has develop advertising strategies that fit a specific brands and corporate America. She has been able to sell herself as a marketing expert that knows about the best ways to create business opportunities for companies that are trying to build a customer base.


Her role at CP + B is one that took her to a global level in concerns to management. This would be one of the best things about her career. She became such a powerful force in her industry that she was recognized beyond the United States. This gave her the opportunity to work on advertising campaigns for global audiences for companies like Kraft. Check out huffingtonpost



As time has progressed Lori Senecal has continued to gain recognition for her ability to help those companies that are trying to transition to a larger audience. Her ability to create innovation when it comes to marketing techniques is what has allowed her to move from one marketing agency to the next.


She is very much sought-after as a creative force that can land huge contracts. Her name and experience gives her an edge on many other professionals that may be competing for similar positions that she tends to acquire. Check out fastcompany for more.





Lori is a graduate of McGill University. She is also fluent in French and her style of marketing has helped big name companies like Coca-Cola and video gaming systems like Xbox become much more popular with consumers. At one time Lori Senecal was the president for the New York office for McCann Erickson. This was before her arrival as the Global CEO for CP+B. For more details visit Bloomberg.


It appears that her resume would continue to become even more impressive as she moved along the lines from one position to the next. She continues to intrigue clients with her sharp sense of marketing power.



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Alexandre Gama: How To Choose A Marketing Professional

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