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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is located in southern, England. The organization operates a group of care and support homes for the elderly and the disabled. Today, the healthcare group operates 20 care and support homes. They’ve provided quality care to the community for 25 years.

For example, the organization specializes in strong supportive care for the elderly, people with dementia, people with neurological problems, and those with pronounced disabilities. Sussex Healthcare is a very trusted organization. The staff is very warm and friendly. The staff reports that it is a great place to work and the management is very supportive.

More About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an award winning organization that provides around the clock supportive care in their facilities for the elderly, dementia patients, neurology patients, and the disabled. The highly trained staff is able to deal with a wide range of complex health or medical issues that require supportive care. The organization also provides a wide variety of therapies at their facilities. Sussex believes in treating the entire person. Therefore, they provide their care home residents with plenty of social and recreational activities. Recently, the organization welcomed a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She is ready to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer along with the challenges a new CEO faces.

Working For Sussex
Sussex Healthcare is always on the look out for new people to fill the openings at their organization. Those that truly enjoy helping the elderly or people that have to live with a disability are welcomed to apply for job openings at the organization. It is important to note that Sussex strongly believes that the elderly and the disabled have the right to live a normal life. The care received at Sussex is critical to helping the elderly and disabled live a normal life.

Job Opportunities
There are a wide variety of job opportunities waiting for you at Sussex Healthcare. It is also important to note that the healthcare organization provides their staff with a wide variety of benefits that include training opportunities, career advancement opportunities, meals, paid breaks, and more. Here are just a few of the current job openings.

– Registered Care Home Manager
– Deputy Care Home Manager
– Registered Nurse
– Chef
– Care Assistant
– Senior Care Assistant
– Administrator
– Domestic Assistant
– Kitchen Assistant

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The Benefits Of The Sussex Healthcare Homes

The independent company Sussex Health Care works to provide services that and homes that offer care and support. Operating primarily in Sussex, the company owns 20 homes where older people are being taken care of. The care homes run by Sussex Health Care are also fully-fitted to accommodate elderly who are suffering from mental frailty such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Sussex Healthcare homes have teams of staff members who have been trained well and most of them also offer specialist nursing care on a 24-hour basis. The facilities at the Sussex Healthcare homes have the latest technology for the most part as the homes are striving towards staying on top of the new releases.

There are a few values that the staff members at Sussex Healthcare prioritize. One of them is creating a homely atmosphere for the seniors, being friendly and understanding towards them and each other and creating a sense of community.

The Sussex Healthcare started with a single home act in 1985. Since then the company has been expanding and now it provides 580 beds and has grown to be a leader in providing residential and nursing care in the area of Sussex.

There are a number of benefits to taking advantage of the services of the Sussex Healthcare homes. Each home provides excellent accommodation as well as meals. The care is centered around the people, and the goal is to make them feel at home and safe. Many of the careers are also trained in providing care to people with dementia as well as people with other medical and mental needs.

Some of the Sussex Healthcare homes, individuals can receive physiotherapy, reflexology services, as well as occupational therapy. Other homes are specializing in providing care for people with neurological disabilities, and so it offers facilities such as multi-sensory rooms, spa pools, track hoisting, etc.

The entrepreneurs that have been backing up the twenty homes of the Sussex Healthcare have a long history in hospitality. They are actively involved in the work of the company and the community and have helped the Sussex Healthcare achieve the leadership that they have and be able to provide exceptional care for older people including those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, neurological problems, chronic illness, and terminal illness.

The Sussex Healthcare values the sense of family in each home and strongly focuses on creating an environment that will make the residence feel calm and joyful.