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The brilliant and industrious Penelope Kokkinides.

Penelope Kokkinides, the current Chief Administrative Officer over at InnovaCare Health, is a graduate of Birmingham University with a degree in biological sciences and classical languages.


She is also a graduate of the esteemed University of New York with a master’s degree in social work. Furthermore, she holds a master’s degree in public health and a postmaster’s program of an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse from the School of Public Health at Columbia University.


Before her current post at InnovaCare Health, she has had stints in many institutions. She previously served as the COO of the firm and the VP of Clinical Operations. Before her getting on board with InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides served as the COO and Executive VP at Centerlight HealthCare.


There, her work mainly entailed managing the strategic direction of their managed care division in addition to general management responsibilities. She has also served as the COO of Touchstone Health.


Additionally, she has served as the Corporate VP for Care Management and Disease Management over at AmeriChoice where she orchestrated the development and implementation of the firm’s health model.


Her illustrious career has mainly been on specialization in government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Her extensive career has generally made her an expert in managing and developing health care programs and processes while making them efficient.


Penelope Kokkinides together with Rick Shinto the CEO and president of InnovaCare Health have worked for hand in hand in providing managed health care plans. Rick is the CEO of the firm’s Health plans in Puerto Rico.


As a top official in one of the top regarded Medicare Advantage plan providers, Penelope Kokkinides has had a firsthand interaction with the repercussions of the health care crisis in Puerto Rico.


This has driven her to try and find solutions for the crisis. In her quest, she recently earned an invitation to meet Donald Trump as a part of the Women in Health Care delegation.


The subject of the meet was the federal health care legislation, and organizers held a firm conviction that Penelope’s experience in the industry and her skills would be essential.


Besides the delegation, in attendance were none other than the President himself and the CMS administrator, Seema Verma. Penelope Kokkinides was primarily invited to the forum to speak about Puerto Rico’s health care crisis.


She didn’t disappoint as she had crucial insights on the crisis and possible remedies. In her view, the crisis was a ripple effect of the reduction in federal funding to the sector.


As the funding was continuously cut as the years went by, the crisis continued to worsen. The deficit of about $1 billion only made the crisis worse according to her. However, she gave valuable suggestions on possible remedies to the crisis.


She held the conviction that if the President were to increase the federal funding to the health care for the region, then the problem would be significantly reduced. She noted the increased funding would come as a reprieve for the about 560,000 beneficiaries of Medicare plan in Puerto Rico who were struggling to access the services.


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Drew Madden: Securing Electronic Medical Records

Since medical records contain so much personal information, precautions are being taken to protect them from unauthorized access. This is especially true with electronic medical records, where numerous issues could lead to potential problems. But with more entrepreneurs focusing on starting healthcare-related businesses, the future looks bright. And with the recent developments of Amazon purchasing pharmaceutical licenses and CVS readying itself to purchase health insurance giant Aetna, it’s clear there are many changes ahead in various areas of healthcare. And with entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden using his expertise in the area of electronic medical records, many more innovative changes are sure to be ahead.

Leading the way as President of Nordic Consulting Partners for the past several years, Drew Madden has transformed this company into one of the world’s most authoritative healthcare businesses. Working with numerous clients to design, implement, and troubleshoot electronic medical records systems in numerous types of healthcare facilities, NCP has experienced astounding growth since Drew Madden came aboard. For example, when Drew started with NCP, the company had only 10 employees. However, it has currently grown to 725 employees, with more growth expected in the next several years. Along with this, he has increased the company’s client total from only three to now more than 150. But perhaps most impressive of all, Drew’s efforts with NCP have literally paid off for the company, with annual revenues increasing from just over $1 million to an incredible $130 million. Due to this increase, Drew has been able to take NCP to the next level, enabling the company to work on bigger and bigger projects with many leading healthcare companies.

Determined to lead the way in this area of healthcare, Drew Madden knows that technology will ultimately take over most aspects of healthcare, especially medical records. Because of this, he expects to be working with more clients who are interested not only in securing their medical records, but also in having software that integrates easily with existing hardware. By using his talents in industrial engineering, Drew Madden will be a major player in this important area of healthcare.