Hair Care And Wen Follow One Woman’s Shampoo Trials

The no lather, Rinse and repeat method of Wen is taking one woman by storm. She made the decision to try the QVC endorsed product for one full week and post the results for everyone to read. agreed to publish her findings and followed her for one whole week.

The young woman was very excited to begin her one week trial. She opened her new bottle of Wen and took in a long sniff. The product was clean but not heavy. She began to read the directions and quickly discovered that she had to use a lot of product at each shampoo. She began to realize that this could get expensive. At shower time she took out the product. She wet her hair and began to pump out the required ten to sixteen pumps of cleanser. She worked it into her hair. There was not a lot of lather so she wondered how good it would work. After rinsing her hair she got out of the shower. She dried her hair and noticed an immediate change.

Her friends and co-workers were commenting on how great her hair looked. Some of her friends made the decision to touch her hair. She found herself becoming a spokesperson for the WEN Cleansing Conditioning product. One day she woke up late for work. She looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess. It was oily and she had no time to wash it. The girl made a decision to wash her hair after she arrived at work. The girl found her hair was coming alive again with bounce, shine, and natural oils. Her hair may have been oily but it sure was a lot healthier.

After her week of using Wen, she made the comment that she may use the Guthy-Renker beauty product alongside her cheaper shampoos. The Wen brought her hair back to life and she loved the way it made her feel.