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Latest Deal With Garmin Technologies Put IDLife and CEO Logan Stout in Spotlight

Texas-based nutritional supplement specialty firm IDLife announced their partnership with the wearable-tech device leader Garmin Technologies as part of a product distribution relationship that will result in Garmin’s Vivo line of activity trackers and smart scale being offered for sale on

Both businesses believe that their new business relationship will benefit from the common ideologies of their health-based business practices. IDLife, headed by CEO, Logan Stout, has core strengths in customized high-quality vitamins and custom nutritional supplements. Garmin’s presence in the wearable devices market has been well received by the health-minded target audience. Additionally, IDLife’s fitness and meal tracking program is a natural fit with Garmin’s activity tracker and Index Smart Scale products. The smart scale exceeds basic single metric fitness assessments based on weight. The device measurements include body mass index, skeletal muscle mass and water and fat percentages. Garmin’s devices will integrate with the IDWellness application automatically. This will eliminate the manually updating of sleep and fitness activities throughout the day enhancing the product’s usability with its end users.

Furthermore, both companies anticipate that their business relationship will result in more customers receiving the benefits of their product offerings by simplifying and increasing their healthy lifestyle product offerings to a broader market.

About IDLife

Founded in 2013, the Frisco, Texas-based firm, Individually Designed Life (IDLife) specializes in nutritional shakes, sleep as well as energy enhancing supplements, vitamins and other health products that are customized based upon the individual needs collected by the company’s health history questionnaire. The firm’s mission has been to assist their customers with achieving the best health they’ve ever experienced.

About Logan Stout

Having studied Psychology and Business at the University of Dallas, Logan Stout has a broad range of professional achievements including credits as a best selling author and keynote speaker, founder of the Defining Success Program, Presidential Director of Ignite, CEO of Premiere Baseball Academy and CEO of IDLife.

Mr. Stout is involved in coaching, mentoring and various philanthropist projects. Currently, he lives with his wife Haley and their two sons in Frisco, Texas.