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Whitney Wolfe Reworks Social Media into an All-Inclusive Format

Whitney Wolfe is unexpected app game-changer that most people may not have seen coming. In the dating app world there were only two types of scenarios where dating actually occurred. In the general realm of social media there was a community where people may start as friends and become more than that. This, however, was rare. For most people that wanted to meet singles online there was going to be a dating app like Match or eHarmony that would play the role of the middleman in these potential matchups.

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What makes Whitney Wolfe different with her new innovative Bumble app is approach. She is creating Bumble as a company that provides a multitude of different possibilities. The difference is that these areas of the app are all separated to avoid confusion.

When people are looking for a business connection and a way to engage in networking they go with Bumble Bizz. They do not have to get clumped in with other singles that are looking for a mate through the Bumble dating portion of the app. The same thing goes with people that are looking for friends. There’s no need for someone that is only looking for friendship to get caught up in an area where they are being approached for dates. This is something that Whitney Wolfe was aware of as a needed platform for people to move back and forth between one or the other.

For other apps like Match and e-Harmony it was all about dating and nothing else. For applications like Facebook it was about building friendships and nothing else. LinkedIn would provide a professional networking connection, but there was no room to make friendships or match with other singles that were looking today. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit.

Whitney Wolfe has appeared as the leader that knew how to implement all three things and still provide walls that gave people the necessary boundaries that they needed to keep these worlds separate. What is fascinating is that Whitney Wolfe managed to do all of these things under one roof. Bumble is the only company that she is over, but she is over so many different facets of relationship building. This is what makes her the billion-dollar app woman that has many opportunities in store in the future. She is part of a renaissance millennial movement of innovators that have ideas that are changing the way that people look at social media.

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Strategies Utilized by Fabletics to Reach a $250M Valuation in 3 Years

Fabletics succeeded in achieving what everybody considered to be impossible. They dared to take on the e-retail giant and judging by the look of things, this fashion company owned by among others, Kate Hudson, has outdone itself. The brand specializes in offering quality fashion apparels for women interested in comfortable exercise and work clothes. In the coming days, and as part of their broader expansion strategy, they are scheduled to introduce a line for men.


Redefining the Shopping Experience


The explosion of consumerism means that a brand has to put in a lot of effort into their products. Consumers want the very best quality and price is not always an issue. People place more emphasis on the quality and the value they are getting their money’s worth. The one thing which separates this outlet from its competitors and peers is their approach to dealing with the customers. Fabletics has put in place several measures and mechanisms to ensure they get a near-perfect picture of what you, as their customer, likes and wants. Becoming a member of this outlet comes with many rewards, for instance, you get tailor-made suggestions and recommendations every time a new interesting fashion piece arrives. That’s not even mentioning the tons of discounts and other money-saving offers VIP members receive working with this fashion house.


Fighting Amazon


Building and maintain a healthy relationship with their clients has seen Fabletics increase their presence, tremendously. Today, the establishment, also owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, has physical stores in ten countries spread out across the globe. The top executive leaders at Fabletics are have studied the fashion industry for decades. Eventually, it dawned on them why the traditional brick-and-stone fashion stalls were not doing so well. Customers often walk into this premises to window shop at most; once they find a piece which interests them they take a snap of the sweater or shoe and then look for it on Amazon. In a bid to avoid their customer’s shopping elsewhere, Fabletics has a strategy which involved curating in as much online data about their members, with the consent of course. Fabletics then uses the information about the pages they like and their fashion tastes and preferences and then finds items matching their description to suggest to their customers.


About Fabletics


Fabletics Inc. is an online subscription fashion store owned by the trio of Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The brand officially got launched in 2013 and has fast risen to be an inspirational success story and model to the business world. It’s currently valued at $250M and this figure is expected to hit a billion in less than a decade, according to financial analysts.



The Incredible Rise of Fabletics

Fabletics has become a monster of a company when it comes to the sale of athletic clothing for women. Kate Hudson is all about business when it comes to bringing this brand to consumers that may not have made their minds up about athletic clothing just yet. She knows that the competition is already heavy, but Kate Hudson has been relentless in promoting her brand, and it appears that her hard work has paid off. People that know her in the acting arena are discovering Fabletics, but the real surprise is the number of people that have discovered Fabletics even when they are not familiar with her acting career. This is the great thing about the Fabletics brand.


A lot of people are embracing this brand because it actually gives them a chance to get quality clothing at a reasonable price. There are few companies that sell clothes exclusively for women, but Kate Hudson knew that this would be one of the best ways to build an audience that she could relate to. This is going to be the thing that drives her company. She knows that it is going to be much easier to entice people to her brand because she actually knows what women are interested in for working out. She is someone that is in great physical shape herself so Kate Hudson is well aware of what women are interested in for their workout routine.


Kate has created clothes for people that are out for a morning job with her activewear line. She has also created those clothes for the consumers that are interested in yoga classes. In fact, the tights that are sold through Fabletics along with the leggings, are some of the most popular items from Fabletics. Kate Hudson realized long ago that this is something that people were going to gravitate towards. She is well aware of the way that people take interest in what she is doing with her company. That is why she continues to change things up and stay innovative even though she already had some best sellers like leggings and tights that people are interested in. One of the great things about Fabletics is that there is a lot of room for growth. Fabletics is definitely taking the World by storm, and Kate Hudson is the person that is going to change the course of the athletic clothing industry forever.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Catch Amazon

If you were to say that a few years ago a new apparel company could topple Amazon from the top spot, no one would really give you a second thought. Amazon is in competition with thousand of other apparel companies in a very competitive niche, but they bring in 20 percent of all sales year after year. Today there appears to be one high-quality active-wear company that is poised to catch and pass Amazon, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not just a one-hit wonder, they have sold $250 million in sales in the same space as Amazon over three years.


Hudson speaks about her athleisure brand in a different way than you might suspect, crediting the success to the membership package combined with the sales process known as reverse showrooming. Lets look at how this translates in the real world, as we first need to head over to the Fabletics stores in the local mall. Women shop here much differently than they do at the other clothing stores. Here they try on all the clothing they like with no sales pressure, they take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, and they are free to window shop all they like. This relaxed atmosphere connects with these customers in a very specific way.


The real numbers don’t begin to show until these same customers decide they want to shop at the e-commerce store. Now when these women go to the Fabletics website, all the merchandise that fit in the store is now sitting waiting for them online. Now online the inventory is much bigger, so since they already know what sizes fit, these customers start picking pieces of active-wear that they like based on colors, styles, and even the latest arrivals to the store. With no concern if the merchandise will fit, the buyers grab more pieces of high-quality workout apparel than they would have at sites like eBay or Amazon where size concerns slow down the sales process.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to change the way women shop, and knowing they have busy schedules and concerns about how apparel fits, this formula seems to be the perfect solution. These women can shop once in the Fabletics retail store and then return online over and over to just keep buying. Membership also rewards these women with free online shipping, discounts on active-wear, and even a personal assistant who selects a piece of apparel each month for these women based on quiz answers.