Rebel Wilson Can Now Add Cats Movie To Her List Of Films

Rebel Wilson is the most recent actress who has been added to the cast of the movie Cats. Wilson, who starred in “Pitch Perfect” will play the role of Jennyanydots, an old Gumbie cat who enjoys cooking, teaching mice, and dancing.

The cast list already has Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Taylor Swift, Laurie Davidson, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, and Royal Ballet’s Francesca Hayward and Steven McRae. The film will be directed by Tom Hooper, and will arrive in theaters December 20th, 2019.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an actress from Australia. Her mother works as a professional dog handler. Initially, Rebel Wilson wanted to have a mathematics career. She says she was was great with numbers all the time, and carried a pretty good academic record during high school.

When she attended the University of New South Wales she finished with a B.A. in theatre and performance students as well as a bachelor of laws degree. It wasn’t until she was on an assignment as a rotary international youth ambassador stationed in South Africa that she realized she should be an actress. She came down with malaria, and during hallucinations she saw herself winning an Oscar. That was enough for her to pursue a career as an actress.

Pursuing The Dream

Among other things, Rebel Wilson is also a producer and writer. She attended Australian Theatre for Young People and graduated in 2003. She has been credited for roles in other movies such as “Bachelorette”, “Bridesmaids”, and the soon to hit theaters film “Isn’t It Romantic”. She entered the West End Cast in 2015 when she played Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls”. After finishing school she instantly appeared” as Toula on the SPS comedy series called “Pizza”. She was also on the comedy series “The Wedge”.

Making A Name For Herself

In 2008 Rebel Wilson wrote, starred, and produced the musical comedy “Bogan Pride”. The next year she was awarded best actress for her character in Bogan. She also guest appeared in “City Homicide”. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

A little while after relocating to the U.S., Wilson joined the “Bridesmaids” cast as Brynn. Wilson has also been in “A Few Best Men”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as well as “Struck by Lightning”. These last few titles are what gave Rebel Wilson lots of attention as a comic back in 2011.

Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Wilson To Play Jennyanydots In Universal-Working Title’s ‘Cats’

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How Clayton Hutson Made Music his Business

Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur who runs a company that manages, designs and produce live entertainment events, Ronin Event Creative. He is a perfectionist who works from dawn to the next morning in a bid to give top-notch live music experiences. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Hutson has always had a passion for music since he was a young boy. Before venturing into the music, he studied his undergraduate studies in Theater Design and Technical Production at Central Michigan University. He later studied at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he did his masters degree in Business Administration.

After graduating, Hutson got several gigs with live entertainment companies such as project manager and sound engineer. He used to travel a lot with Billy Graham’s music team and worked in the corporate entertainment sector before settling for the music industry. These jobs enabled him to gain the needed skills and experience that would catapult him to venture into his path of entrepreneurship. Due to his competence and reputation, he was able to find a footing quickly in the business.

Over time, Hutson has grown to become high on demand due to his attention to details and solid work ethic. He is always willing to adapt to technological changes and new equipment in the industry that are superior. Security is another area he pays close attention to while setting up equipment and gear. Hutson acknowledges that the music industry is very dynamic hence one needs always to be updated on the current trends so as not to become obsolete. Due to his versatile skills in producing live events, he is involved in every aspect of a live show process; from the concept and budget stage all the way to its execution.

In his outstanding career, Hutson has got the chance to share his skills with many top artists such as Kid Rock, Prince, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Pink, Guns’n’Roses and many more. His professionalism played out well during Kid Rock’s 2018 The American Tour where he faced many obstacles but was able to diffuse them. He also worked as a technical consultant for the live performance at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics. Another notable success is during the Arron Lewis tour where he brought out the first SD11 console that was a huge success. Hutson love for music has seen him work with tons of artists and some trips with different budget sizes. He believes with his experience and zeal to produce great live performances; the sky is the limit to how far he can go.


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