Rocketship Education Looks to Combat Negative Reports

On a regular basis a number of educational institutions are evaluated by the media. Among the types of educational institutions evaluated are private charter school networks. One of the most well known private school networks is Rocketship Education. In recent reports about the school network, there have been a number of negative reports. These reports indicated that the school network was an institution that engaged in activities that did not live up to certain standards expected of schools of its kind. Once these negative reports have been made available to the public, Rocketship Education decided to address them immediately in an effort to restore its reputation. It therefore said that the negative reports about their private school network were false and were made on extreme bias by the media sources.

One of the main issues discussed in the media reports about Rocketship Education is that it is an institution that has committed numerous acts of educational malpractice. The reports allege that the private charter school network has a number of policies that are in violation of educational standards. The school has been known to have very long hours and rituals and disciplinary policies that are among the most rigid in the educational sector. While these reports have been made known to the public, Rocketship Education has responded by saying that these things happen with other private charter school networks. Therefore it is unfair to regard them as the only institution that engages in these practices. Since it has been found out that the negative reports have been biased and unfair, they have been fully discredited as a result.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 and opened up its first school location one year later in 2007. Since 2007, Rocketship Education has served as a leading network of private charter schools. These schools were established to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds get a quality education. The students who attend the schools are from low income families and those who have limited access to education. As a result, Rocketship Education is available to provide these children with an alternative. Over the last decade, Rocketship Education has established itself as a charter school network that offers one of the best educational curriculums among schools of its kind.