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Shervin Pishevar says that hyperloop technology represents paradigm shift

Shervin Pishevar ranks as one of the most important figures in the world of tech finance. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company, a venture capital firm that concentrates primarily in the tech sector. Investment company has funded some of the most famous startups of the last decade, including Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop. On his own, Shervin Pishevar has also founded companies like WebOS, Social Gaming Network and Ionside.

Shervin Pishevar also runs one of the most-followed Twitter feeds in the country. He has more than 100,000 followers and has the attention of some of the leading thinkers within Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar regularly tweets on a wide range of topics, including the economy, the state of technology and the fiscal and monetary policies of the government.

But one of the topics about which he has been most excited has been the development of hyperloop technology. As a key early figure in the creation of Virgin Hyperloop, Shervin Pishevar has been an enthusiastic promotor of hyperloop technology from the beginning. In a recent tweet storm, he continued sharing with the public the many reasons that this could ultimately prove to be a game-changing technology.

Shervin Pishevar says that hyperloop technology represents a dramatic leap forward in the state of transportation. There are three reasons that hyperloops have to potential to revolutionize travel. The first is efficiency. Because hyperloops exist within a vacuum and involve either magnetic or air-bearing levitation, the coefficient of drag is reduced almost to zero. Even some of the most frictionless modes of transport, like freight ships and freight trains, produce vastly more drag than hyperloops. This leads into the second revolutionary aspect. The huge efficiency gains ultimately translate into incredible efficiency, meaning that hyperloops will likely cost only a fraction of what driving or airfare might run.

The third revolutionary aspect of hyperloops is speed and time savings. Because hyperloops are both faster than jets and set up more or less like a subway, the travel times for regional trips may be cut by as much as 80 percent. These things will ultimately mean that hyperloops may become the regional transport mode of the future.

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Shervin Pishevar: Bonds will not Solve the Market Problems as they been Overused

Bonds are financial instruments that are used by the government to control the problems of prices in the market. Shervin Pishevar notes that the government will be experiencing challenges in adjusting the market by use of bonds because the financial instruments have been used for a more extended period to control the market. However, there is a perception that a significant number of bonds used in the market have lost their effectiveness.

There are several methods that the government can use to control the prices of products in the country. Shares and other financial instruments are useful, but bonds play a critical role in solving the increasing interests in the economy. Although a significant number of individuals might complain about the increasing costs of goods and services, it appears that the government will not have an opportunity to offer any feasible solution to the skyrocketing costs of commodities.

Many individuals don’t understand why the effectiveness of the bond market has changed within a short period. Shervin Pishevar, however, notes that the bond market did not change all over sudden. The change has been slow and gradual to the point where the financial instruments are becoming ineffective in this era. These debt instruments were some of the traditional monetary policies that were used in ensuring that the economy was stable and that individuals could access whatever they wanted with much ease.

Shervin Pishevar goes on to educate individuals on how bonds are useful instruments in controlling the financial status of the country. The government issues a bond, probably an infrastructure bond, to encourage individuals to give debts to the government. This minimizes the amount of money that citizens in a country have. Lowering the amount of money that citizens have reduces the amount of money in circulation, hence decreasing the demand for goods and services.

However, according to Shervin Pishevar, a severe problem is likely to face the government because most of the debt control mechanisms will not be useful. Banks and individuals with so much money are not attracted to bond investment as they can get higher returns from other investments hence failing to solve the widespread problem.

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Sahm Adrangi: A Strategic and Brilliant Trader

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most successful traders in the country today. He currently works at the company that he established – the Kerrisdale Capital Management. He serves as the chief operating officer of the company, and he has been doing a lot of hard work that contributes to the company’s success. Through the years of operating in the field of trading and business, Sahm Adrangi managed to get a lot of clients who are impressed with how he manages the assets entrusted to him. He is known for transforming millions worth of assets into billions overnight, and at a young age, he reached an important milestone in his life which made him popular especially with the people who are in the financial sector.

One of the most recent news regarding Sahm Adrangi and his company was the approval of a $100 million worth of shares that he will be using to invest in a company that is yet to be unveiled. Many people raised their eyebrows to the idea proposed by the young trader, saying that he will be investing a huge amount of money into a risky company, hoping that it would pay off. In the end, the investors who have given him $100 million were satisfied with the result of the investment. He was able to increase the investment provided by his clients, and they earned a double or multiple profits. This stunt made him a more credible representative of the financial sector, drawing in more people who wanted to earn more.


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Recently, the Kerrisdale Capital Management has been releasing company names which are deemed to be untrustworthy. According to Sahm Adrangi, his company has been releasing reports ever since it was established, helping them guide their clients where they should be putting their money into. Kerrisdale Capital Management wanted their clients to earn a profit, and not to lose their money, which is why they are careful in partnering with businesses that can crash and fail. They are also releasing false reports regarding financial projects that are including the company’s name. Sahm Adrangi stated that the company would never engage in such acts that could destroy their relationship with their business partners.

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Waiakea is a recognized water brand

Since it started Waiakea water has been achieving great success. 2017 proved to be a successful year for the bottled water company because it won an award as the best water brand. Various factors were considered for the ranking to be done. The basis was on the purity of the water and how a company is committed to conserving the environment.

Waiakea was mentioned on the position two in the category of Best Water Brand and won the award of the Volcanic Water of the Year. The bottled water industry is a crowded one, and there is high competition. For the brand to win these categories, it beat other big names in the industry like Evian, Iceland Glacial, Voss, Fiji, and SmartWater. The water is also known for having the best test.

Waiakea water is a young brand, but it is rapidly gaining roots. It has become one of the most loved water by consumers. Since it started, the water company has been growing because of their quality of the product. The brand became the first brand from the United States to get CarbonNeutral Certification. The company is also concerned with various projects like reforestation to ensure their sourcing is sustainable. Their packaging is unique and does not consume a lot of energy. Waiakea Water Company has been transforming the industry although it has not been there for many years.

The founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company was happy and honored to receive the award. He said that when he started the company, his primary goal was to reform the industry. That is why he is always devoted to making his company different in the industry. The company is involved in not only conserving the environment but in philanthropic activities as well. Emmons said the company was privileged to receive such award and it showed that consumers have recognized it is important to drink clean and healthy water. Ryan Emmons is committed to working with Waiakea to make changes in the industry. Ryan Emmons is a young CEO, but he is committed to achieving great things in the industry.

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Anil Chaturvedi Banking Career Information

Anil Chaturvedi is a prominent expert in commercial and investment banking. He has been able to help many clients and customers achieve their goal and objectives in the banking industry. This has earned him a big name that has resulted in a legacy. He is one of the best bankers in the world. He can provide you with a guideline that can help you understand how the banking industry works. This will, in turn, help you to make valuable and destined financial decision. He has a tremendous educational background that he attained from his native land India. After his education, he ventured in his career that entailed balancing investment and professional budgeting for his customers and clients throughout India. He proceeded with his education at Delhi University where he attained an MBA in Economics. His education solely specializes in Economics, Business, and Banking. He has also served in some of the most prestigious companies in India.

Among the companies that he has worked with is the State Bank of India where he served as the branch manager. As a branch manager, his significant roles include the creation of loan, account management, assessment of asset and wealth as well as telling. He also used to work at C-Grindlays Bank and the County Head of North America in the New York City. He is the current Managing Director of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd which is a private bank. His main objectives involve assessment of private bank and management of wealth for high net worth clients and customers.

In addition to his passion and commitment towards banking and economics, Anil Chaturvedi uses most of his time with his wife and children. He has pride in working with various charities where he has invested much of his time. He loves sports and soccer, and he often goes for a local soccer game during his leisure time. He has several social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. He also has a professional biography and resumes on his LinkedIn. Anil Chaturvedi also runs a website where he has attached his page for more detailed and comprehensive information regarding the various tasks that he carries out on a regular basis at Hinduja Bank.

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How Jeffrey Aronin Combined Science And Philanthropy To Help Mankind

Jeffrey Aronin is an entrepreneur with a drive to serve society. He leads Paragon Biosciences, a firm dedicated to investing in companies that find treatments to oft-neglected diseases. With a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul University, Jeffrey Aronin went on to work in the healthcare industry.


His experiences led him to establish his own company in 2000, Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. Jeffrey believed that rare diseases were often neglected by the big pharma, so he wanted his company to focus on helping the patients rather than chasing after the big cures. This focus is what made Jeffrey Aronin’s endeavor stand out. After 9 successful years, a Danish healthcare Lundbeck offered $900 million to buy Ovation. Even after the buyout, Lundbeck retained Jeffrey Aronin to run the company and to oversee a smooth transition.


After the successful transition, Jeffrey focused on building an investing and incubating platform for upcoming biotech companies which would focus on finding treatments for the rare and overlooked medical conditions. With this vision, Paragon Biosciences was born. Among the leading companies under Paragon are Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Castle Creek deals with less known genetic dermatology conditions like epidermolysis bullosa simplex. While Harmony Biosciences is delving into nervous system malfunctions like cataplexy and narcolepsy. Incorporating biotech, pharmaceutical, and numerous innovative techniques, these companies are advancing to churn out solutions.


Jeffrey Aronin’s positive results interest investors, scientific talents and even companies who look forward to pairing with him and bring medical visions to reality. With the right proportion of scientific bent and engagement with life science space, Paragon is poised to catapult biotech companies towards their success and help patients in turn. He is also the founder of MATTER, another healthcare incubator with 200 and above companies under its umbrella, striving towards advancing innovation and bring more treatments to the public.


Apart from his investing venture, Jeffrey Aronin is an active supporter and benefactor of the community. Chicago healthcare ecosystem is incomplete without him. Jeffrey is one of the board members of World Business Chicago, appointed by the mayor himself, Rahm Emanuel as well as Discover Financial Services. World business Chicago aims to create ties between the city and the private healthcare companies and founders to accelerate job growth. Aronin has significant contributions to ChicagoNEXT, the Museum of Science and Industry and many other philanthropic causes. His family foundation assists in patient advocacy and aids in research for many rare medical conditions.



The Impeccable Services of PSI-Pay That Empower People Without Discrimination

Becoming part of the global economic system means taking risks, initiating programs and understanding concepts that may be too hard to grasp. All of these efforts are needed for a company or an individual to at least become competent in the market. Without knowledge for such concepts, it may even be impossible to start a company or venture that could stand the test of time. This is where the services and ideas of PSI-Pay come in. This is where their assistance in financial solutions, programs, ideas and strategies that can help companies find their strong bearing in the industry they are part of.



In an effort to help people understand the global market, PSI-Pay started a Medium article sharing all the opinions they have about the GDPR concept, especially for FinTech institutions. There’s a lot to talk about the concept, but suffice it to say and recap here that GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation, which is a policy affecting UK and EU banks, financial institutions and their shareholders. This policy will set the new guidelines on how to get the economic system and dynamics in the EU countries to be more equitable, fair and transparent. It is even accurate to say here that the GDPR is the most latest privacy law in the UK that was formally launched last April 2016.



The main goal of this privacy law is to make sure that the banks’ programs and services would not discriminate against race, sexual orientation or any other social factors. This is a new strict regulation that enables a more just and least discriminative way of handling services involved in financial transactions.



About PSI-Pay



PSI-Pay is many things, but one of them would be an authorized e-Money firm that’s strongly regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to distribute, transact and deal with financial transactions across the SEPA region. The main goal of the firm is to empower citizens in getting all the advantages that they can get in distribution, marketing and sales in order to gain better business opportunities in the global market. The staff of the firm are also skilled, trained and dedicated to helping every client get the best assistance that one can get.


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Wes Edens Is An Amazing Entrepreneur – Here’s What You Need To Know

Fortress Investment Group was founded by three like-minded businesspeople who decided to take a major risk – leaving their now-former jobs behind, taking out loans to start a risky investment firm, and risk losing all they had worked for into their mid-lives – Wesley R. “Wes” Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone is an attorney who is licensed to practice within the United States and served as the much-needed legal mind of the three aforementioned founders of Fortress – Kauffman, Edens, and Nardone himself – from its first day of operations. Rob Kauffman first started his working life as a professional racecar driver, later owned a team which he even raced on for a few years, and later backed the initial investments of Fortress Investment Group using the wealth he amassed through racing and owning such drivers’ cars and mechanic teams. Wes Edens is unarguably the most interesting of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group; he’s grown into a partial owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, as well as a co-owner of FlyQuest, a team playing across various League of Legends circuits.

Who exactly is Wes Edens?

Although Mr. Edens isn’t one of the – in the double-digit numerical ranks of wealth or even within the top 200 – objectively richest people on planet Earth, he certainly is one of the wealthiest owners of professional sports teams. Forbes has ranked Mr. Wes Edens as number 297 on at least one full-fledged handful of The Forbes 400 lists.

Here’s most of what Edens did with his one-third co-creation investment firm

Fortress Investment Group, founded in 1998, was fortunate enough to keep Wes Edens on its payroll through May 2016. He left, according to discussions he’s made with various members of the press in the past two-plus years, the all-star alternative portfolio management firm so he could focus on managing, operating, and owning a professional eSports team – the perennial League of Legends tournament contender FlyQuest.

Edens also racked up an all-star-level paycheck of $54 million as the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016. Milwaukee Bucks arena naming rights going to a local company with a national presence

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The Illustrious Career of Businessman Louis Chênevert

Louis Chênevert is a Canadian businessman who has had success in the automobile industry, as well as the aerospace industry over his career. Chênevert was never given anything, everything that he has had throughout his life he has earned, including a degree in production management from the HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montréal. With this degree Chênevert would go on to work for General Motors, United Technologies, and Goldman Sachs.

Chênevert first landed a job at General Motors where he was in charge of the assembly line in a plant in Montréal. The man who hired him, Guy Hachey, was very pleased with his decision. Hachey and Chênevert are still very good friends to this day, and remain close. After his 14 years at General Motors, Chênevert decided to work for a company by the name of Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC). Chênevert used his short time at PWC as a path towards working for the larger P&W. Chênevert was chosen to be the Vice President for operations, since the prior Vice President was retiring. It took a short three years before Chênevert was named the president of P&W. As a result of Chênevert’s success at P&W, the multinational conglomerate company of UTC came asking for his services.

As Chênevert joined UTC, he brought along with him the idea of the geared turbofan engine plan. UTC would eventually invest $10 billion dollars in this plan, which would increase efficiency in fuel consumption, emissions, and reduce the use of parts. Currently, the geared turbofan engine is flown in over 70 aircraft that are a part of 14 different airlines. As a result of his success Chênevert became the CEO and president of UTC. During his six years as CEO and president he continued his success landing a $240 million-dollar contract with the U.S. Navy and increasing the stock price of UTC by $80 dollars per share.

Since his retirement Chênevert has became involved with the Yale Cancer Center. Also, he is a senior industry advisor to the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.

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The Frontera Fund Is Another Way That Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Are Giving Back To The Civil Rights Movement

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of the media outlet Village Voice Media which is the publisher of the Phoenix New Times. Lacey and Larkin have been fighting hard for civil rights since their college days in the 1970s and continue to do so today. The journalists were wrapped up in a scandal that involved former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio back in 2007.

Their wrongful arrest at the hands of Arpaio’s men led to a public outcry and a swift release. Lacey and Larkin subsequently won a lawsuit against Maricopa County that ended up seeing them awarded $3.7 million.

This money was immediately put to use in founding the Frontera Fund in order to help amazing civil rights organizations such as Promise Arizona and the Kino Border Initiative. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Promise Arizona, know as Paz, is a faith-based human rights organization. The organization was founded in 2010 during the height of the state of Arizona’s animosity towards Hispanic people.

This was the years of the passage of the infamous SB 1070 bill.Members of Paz participated in a 103-day prayer vigil at the state capitol in Phoenix in opposition to the racist bill.

Paz members consistently demonstrated on courthouse plazas in Arizona as well as Washington D.C. All of this was going on as notorious former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio went to trial for his department’s unconstitutional police activities.

The mission of Promise Arizona is the develop and train a new generation of leaders that will make Arizona a welcoming place to all people regardless of background.

The Kino Border Initiative has a mission to be a presence that fosters a sentiment of binational solidarity and collaboration on the issue of migration. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The real issue is that the dehumanizing process of border control receives a massive budget and 23,000 agents in order to enforce policy while the humanizing presence that seeks more reasonable solutions to these issues has to make do on donations and the desire to help.

It was only recently that deportees were still dropped off at night which made them highly vulnerable to crimes such as robbery and sexual assault. This has stopped at the moment but deportees are vulnerable at all times of the day.

Many of these deportees have been separated from their families and have not recovered from the horrible toll the journey through the desert takes on a person. The experience of deportation is a horrible and traumatic one for people and a time that causes great depression.

The Kino Border Initiative does what it can to ease the suffering of deportees. The initiative serves around 80 deportees and migrants every morning as well as around 60 every afternoon. There are volunteers from organizations like No More Deaths and Samaritans that come and give what help they can.

No More Deaths helps migrants call family members and the Samaritans bring clothing and toiletries. The Kino Initiative runs a cooperative program that is designed to teach migrants new skills as well as helping them out with earning a bit of cash. The Kino Border Initiative’s sister shelter for women and children make and sell bracelets.