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A Career Built On Excellence

Climbing a ladder symbolizes the upper progress that professionals undergo as they strive for corporate dreams and positions. The highest professionals are also supported with offices at the highest point of a building. There’s a lot more to be symbolized by an upward motion. The amount of success had by professionals like Sheldon Lavin hasn’t declined.

This professional leads the OSI Group. His agency operates as the largest company in meat processing and brings together 55 factories that operate in well over 15 countries. The continual rise of the OSI group has been impressive and is created by the rising talents of Sheldon Lavin. This professional leads his industry with over 40 years of experience, and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.


Bigger Business Decisions And Bigger Streams Of Revenue

The substantial work in Sheldon Lavin’s hands are the 20,000 employees he manages. It takes a strong, organized to team to feed a majority of the world’s population. The OSI Group is managing its 50 plus factories with a non-stop motion around the clock. The steady stream of information that Sheldon Lavin receives puts him in direct access to what’s going on. This operation is a very sensitive process. It requires many big decisions to be made, and

Sheldon Lavin is the big professional capable of making the right decisions needed in the OSI Group. The agency is being modeled around the world. New factories and headquarters appear in Asia. The decisions made by Sheldon are those that the entire U.S. nation experiences. The world’s development is founded on the growth of the OSI Group and its productivity, and his Website.


The Next Time You Look For Career Advice

Taking OSI Group’s performance into the equation is the same as taking a closer look toward Sheldon Lavin. This professional stands with the life experience every CEO hopes to obtain some day. Sheldon didn’t begin his professional career as the CEO of the world’s largest meat processor. Sheldon took a leap of faith to get his first step on “the ladder.”

A challenge remained with him through his professional experience. Sheldon ultimately worked with one agency long enough to become its full-time leader. Sheldon also leveraged himself to be majority stock holder throughout his career with OSI Group. The OSI Group continues to lead the world and will establish a business model for many to follow, and read full article.

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The Power Of One Donation

Charity: It Was Only $18 Billion For George Soros

How would one billion dollars change your perspective of life?

Would you be more conscious of your spending, or would you lose all of your money in an emotional spree. The amount of power contained in one billion dollars is beyond what most people can understand. You either have to be close to a billionaire or be one yourself to grasp the responsibility and power of this sum, and more information click here.

George Soros is a public figure who gives us direct access to what it’s like when successful with the sum of billions. Recent headlines portray George Soros in what can be described as a tremendous act of charity for the 2017 financial year. The total sum was $18 billion and giving by George Soros to the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations is a charitable leader that works with government issues and social progression.


When Big Money Is Nothing But Petty Change

The reality we get a glimpse of is interesting when we consider where the money comes from. George Soros is a financial mogul who also knows how to raise money. It’s not enough to use the money you have alone. This ability to diversify his financial condition is what enables George to offer $18 billion as a donation.

The other aspect that we get a glimpse of is how little this money could be for George Soros. Just don’t misunderstand how we see the magnitude of this donation. The money is substantial; it just may not be that substantial to George Soros. One can be grateful that George saw charity in the same light, and what George Soros knows.

He gave $18 billion away as if it was nothing to him.


The Responsibility Is What Really Matters To George Soros

George Soros is a financial influence to the world.

No matter how little an amount is in his perspective, he will continue to practice his financial success methods and for greater rewards. This is not just a matter of habit and instinct. The money used in the world of philanthropy is only effective when there are organized plans and strategies for every penny spent.

The accountability that George has over others lets him to calculate numbers in a magnificent way. Every penny accounted for then becomes lined up to accomplish a specific goal. The act of giving within itself is meaningless to George Soros. It only makes sense to George when a plan is also aligned to the money in his work of charity, and

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Agora Financial Providing Readers with Firsthand Information About the Financial World

Making smart investments is what helps in wealth creation in the long-term, but it needs accurate financial news and market analysis to be able to do that. People who are from the financial world can make some wise decisions as to how to grow their money and protect it from the unstable and volatile financial market, but what about the people who are not associated with the financial market and world? Agora Financial can help in ways more than one to ensure that individuals who are looking for safe investment options get the news and information they need to make smart investment decisions. The financial market has been volatile for long, and it is essential that you safeguard your money at the right time to not only protect your wealth but also help it grow over a period and learn more about Agora Financial.


Agora Financial engages in deep financial research and has a vast pool of expert financial analysts who carefully consider every aspect of financial market and trends before suggesting the investment options that you can trust. The reporters at Agora Financial do not sit in the air-conditioned office all day and base their advice on the information they get from the internet or elsewhere, but actually, travel the world and observe industry trends to predict market movements. It is what has helped Agora Financial to accurately predict the drop in crude oil prices and several other financial trends before the news hit the mainstream media. It helped the readers to make a profit from such news and make generous profits and Agora Financial on Facebook.


Agora Financial is one of the most trusted sources of financial news in the world and carries out its research through their proprietary analysis mechanism that is accurate and credible. Agora Financial is a unit of Agora Inc, which is a well-established financial organization that was set up in the year 1979 and read full article.

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Wine Lovers Turn their Passion into Money with Traveling Vineyard

Wine is one of many people’s favorite things and being able to use this passion to make extra money has some savvy consumers taking a second look at the Traveling Vineyard opportunity. Wine Guides are basically sharing their love of wine with family and friends and utilize their time together at tastings to share some basic wine knowledge. If you are looking for a passive income stream or want to spend more time learning about wine, the Traveling Vineyard program may be worth a second look. Becoming a Wine Guide is a straightforward, and with the social aspect of the business, it doesn’t feel like a job for most Guides.

For an investment that is less than $200, you will receive your Starter Kit. This kit will get you started with everything that you could possibly need for your first two Tastings including 10 bottles of wine. You earn money when people order wine at your events, and Wine Guides can earn anything from $80-$100 on average, but this income is not guaranteed. There are fees involved with hosting events and you will be required to purchase the wine for each tasting. If your event generates more than $150 in orders, Traveling Vineyards will reimburse you for the cost of the Tasting Set and more

The wines made available from Traveling Vineyard are sourced from around the world and represent such storied regions as Bourdeaux and Languedoc in France. Other nations that are represented include Spain, the United States, Italy, and Portugal. Each Tasting Kit will give your guests the opportunity to try a variety of growing regions as well as varietals. These wines are all blended in a consistent manner that provides a high-quality product in each bottle. Even longtime wine enthusiasts will likely learn something at your Wine Tasting!

If you are looking for an additional income stream that will allow you to learn more about your passion for wine, Traveling Vineyard is a great option. Traveling Vineyard is the perfect mix of fun and business, and the Tastings where you gather your friends and family to learn more about wine hardly feels like work! Whether you are already a wine expert or are just learning about your new hobby, the Tasting Notes that are provided by Traveling Vineyard have everything that you will need to host a successful event. Traveling Vineyard is an effective way to earn some extra money without increasing your stress level and more


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Talos Energy – First American Energy Company Drilling in Mexico in 80 years

The country of Mexico has controlled all oil exploration in its territorial waters for the past several decades, but now it appears the tide is changing as private international collaborations have begun. The well of note for the first international drilling operation is located in Sureste Basin just off of the coast of Tabasco. Estimates show the find is extensive and is of great interest to the global oil industry, as well as Mexico itself. The nation could potentially control a wealth of untapped oil deposits. The oil drilling prior to the new international collaboration initiative had been totally controlled internally by the government and private Mexican companies. This also meant were also be required to fund drilling operations. The new plan is focused on privatization and cooperation. And, the Sureste Basin deposits will be the pilot case and more information click here.

The private energy companies being allowed to assist in the extraction process are London-based Premier Oil, Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico, and Talos Energy headquartered in Houston, Texas. Profits from the deposits will be distributed among the cooperative companies at a rate of 40% for Sierra Oil and Gas, 25% for Premier Oil, and 35% for Talos Energy. The odd division of return margins allows for the work Talos Energy performs in the field, as the Houston energy company actually implements the drilling process and manages the drilling platform operation and learn more about Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is a well-respected energy company in the south of Texas and is known for their innovative thinking and funding applications. They began as a consulting and drilling operation on a minimal budget and grew the original company to double value before selling out to Apache. They are a no-frills energy company that believes in maintaining a streamline staff who should be rewarded when the company experiences growth and significant financial cash flow. Talos Energy was also recently named by WorkplaceDynamics as the top energy company to work for in the Houston area and their Facebook.

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Nathaniel Ru’s Business Prosperity

In 2007, Nathaniel Ru and his friends founded Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a casual kitchen whose focus is on the provision of a suitable dining environment. The company’s first location was in the middle of Georgetown. During Ru’s senior year in the University of Georgetown, Nathaniel and his friends took their meals in the eateries. After six years, Nathaniel and his friends established their eatery on M Street. Currently, the eatery has experienced tremendous success. It has propelled from the 21-store farm-to a stylish restaurant.

Nathaniel’s eatery was built on a 560 square-foot tavern. The space was located in the middle of M Street area in the downtown. The landlord of the 560 square-foot space was Nathaniel’s neighbor. Ru’s found the proximity of the landlord as an added advantage for him to speak to him. After some time, Nathaniel called and explained to the landlord his plans on the utilization of the space. It took Nathaniel and his friends’ perseverance to convince the landlord towards giving in to their plan.

Nathaniel and his two friends were a semester away from completing studies when they began their business. Nathaniel postulates that for any business idea to steer to reality, a lot of efforts have to be put in place. Before Nathaniel’s business idea was fully adopted by the landlord, Nathaniel had to show his real interests. Nathaniel showed his interests by developing a real business plan and finding an architect. After that, the landlord offered the three young individuals her full support towards the realization of Nathaniel’s eatery project.

Over the years, Nathaniel’s eatery, Sweetgreen, has experienced growth. Sweetgreen has several stores in various cities including New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. Sweetgreen provides foods in their best state. The foods are usually healthy and fresh, with most of the food’s ingredients purchased from the local farmers.

Every year, Sweetgreen holds a music festival. Sweetgreen’s approach in marketing is geared towards being social, local and smart. The enterprise is designed to serve the community. It provides yoga classes and gym and fitness services. The company’s goal is to enhance a guest’s status from the way they found them. Nathaniel and his friends are impacting many individuals in their niche.

In 2007, Nathaniel Rue graduated from the McDonough School of Business where he attained a B.S in Finance. After three years, Nathaniel and his two allies launched sweetlife. Sweetlife is an enterprise that promotes music. It holds the community’s food and music festivals. This event attracts over 20,000 attendees. The event is characterized by the featuring of top chefs, local purveyors, and known musical artists. Nathaniel’s enterprise instills healthy living, well-being, and health to its esteemed customers.

Follow Nathaniel Ru on twitter @nathanielru.

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Tasting Wine Only Changed The Lives Of Millions Of Mothers: Here Is How They Did It?

Are you aware that you can earn a lot of money for tasting wine? Stay at home moms no longer have to worry about working from home, with flexible hours and good pay. There is no need writing and doing all sort of menial jobs for freelancer sites, one company called, Traveling Vineyard, is offering opportunities of this kind.

The company offers discounted prices to its employee every month to boost the sales prospect. There is also a provision for sale kit and tasting kit that one purchases at an affordable price.

Working from home can be tricky, nonetheless, and it requires a lot of discipline. One has to create a boundary between home chores and work to avoid being over -productive or underproductive. Psychologists advise those who consider home offices always to wake up and prepare as if they are indeed going to an office, dress up professionally to put the mindset in the work schedule.

The best thing about the job of tasting wine is that it is a socially oriented selling process. One can get to sell in house parties to their friends, which is most certainly enjoyable. The social, allocentric kind of people, therefore, are likely to succeed in this kind of job.

One can indeed get better results if they can combine this profitable venture with selling complementary products such as wine glasses, events planning, and assorted kitchen wares.

Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level marketing company that was started by one Rick Libby in reaction to pressure from a wine company he worked for, to boost sales. Rick discussed with a friend who inspired him how his wife had successfully succeeded in wine selling through home demonstration, and they are a great and successful, life impacting idea was born. Traveling Vineyard Associates buys a success kit at $99, full of brochures, and $75 tasting kit that guides on how to know different wines from their tastes and how to prepare cocktails.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard:

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The Leader Within

Rick Shinto is a leader by nature. After joining InnovaCare Health, he really sees how this firm can succeed in an industry with endless possibility. He created an environment where everyone fed off of each other’s teamwork, providing great communication for anyone involved. The strong relationships created by these qualified professionals have allowed the company to grow and prosper. For example, after starting at InnovaCare, Shinto has been able make a doctor’s visit much more affordable for patients. This has attracted a pretty big crowd to the firm. People have been choosing InnovaCare over various other large insurance companies for this fact alone. Shinto and Innovacare have made it possible for Puerto Ricans to have access to phenomenal healthcare due to the fact of innovative technology. This also gives them cheap options without having to sacrifice service or quality. In fact, customer service rates at a consistent 90 percent. Because of their success that Shinto has lead them to, they have confidence that they will be able to expand into new markets and have success there as well.


Before all of the success occurred, Shinto started his career in the medical field as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Prior to this, he earned his MBA at Redlands University and his medical degree from the University of New York.

Before Innovacare, Shinto was CEO at Aveta Inc. While there, he was awarded with the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This further highlights Rick Shinto’s leadership ability. He won this due to his commitment to success through various innovative ideas and his dedication towards helping communities. Overall, Shinto’s experience and his love for improving situations for others led him to his career at InnovaCare. I believe that under his control, InnovaCare will continue to grow and prosper just as they did when Shinto was hired. Read more at about Rick Shinto.

Overall, I believe Rick Shinto is a person we should all look up to and respect for his leadership capabilities. He has literally led this company to massive success in such a respectable way. As the cliche goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. This is definitely the case for Rick Shinto and InnovaCare. Their relationships and great communication have done wonders for the company and the success shows it. Innovacare is a company with such great momentum that I don’t see them slowing down any time in the near future.

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Robert Santiago Develops the Attractive Manaira Mall

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who was born on 16th July 1958. He studied at Pio X-Marist College and later graduated from University of the center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in business administration. His entrepreneur journey began at a young age when he founded Cartonage Company. The company designed and manufactured cardboard folding cartons and supplied them to companies. Santiago shifted from designing cartons to real estate. In the real estate, his first investment was the purchase of a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa. The second investment was in 1989 when he developed the crown jewels of the city known as Manaira mall.

Santiago has developed Manaira mall to be the largest mall in Paraiba and among the top malls in Brazil. He started constructing the mall in 1987 and completed it in 1989. The mall houses many shopping options, theater, food court, banks, fitness center, gaming area and a college. It contains a Domus Hall an air conditioned space located on its rooftop. The hall was completed in 2009 and can fit 10,000 people. It is large enough to hosts concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs and large conferences. It contains advanced sound equipment and acoustic well equipped for concerts and theatrical productions.

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Entertainment options in Manaira mall include Movie Theater that features latest shows, a gaming area with a bowling alley and a fully equipped electronic amusement park. The food court has been expanded over the years to provide restaurants suitable for every type of appetite and budget. The shops have something for everyone. Over the last twenty years, Santiago has consistently developed the mall to become an attraction center in the region. It has attracted thousands of people for shopping and entertainment. The construction of the Domus Hall has attracted talented music groups from Brazil and across the world. By providing cultural experiences that were not available in the areas, Santiago has given back to his community.

Apart from the famous Manaira shopping mall, Roberto Santiago owns another modern mall known as Mangabeira. The mangeira mall was developed in 2013 and is also located in the city of Joao Pessoa. The modern architecture was inaugurated in November 2014. It estimated 350 thousand potential consumers; the mall will be a competition to the retail networks in the area. On the inauguration day, several stores earned a five times turnover, higher than any other opening of stores in the country. The sales ratified potential consumption and the success of the mall. It was built in a period of about two years, during construction, 3000 jobs were created. Santiago noted that Mangabeira would not interfere with his other business and he suggested that only a tiny percentage of Manaira customers would migrate to Mangabeira. Know more at about Roberto Santiago.

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Adam Goldenberg: Bringing a New Era in the Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFab Inc. in 2010 together with Don Ressler. The company is an online subscription outlet that sells selections of fashion shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim. The company provides an individualized shopping experience based on subscribers’ fashion preferences. JustFab (changed name to TechStyle) has reshaped the fashion e-commerce experience.

The duo knows how to start and grow businesses, spot trends and develop industry-leading brands that cannot be outmatched easily. Their success is based on the combination of doing the business with fun and passion in an industry which people don’t take seriously. Due to these qualities, JustFab has become the trend-setter in fashion e-commerce on

They started the company to remove the status quo in the fashion industry by integrating technology and the whole fashion business cycle, starting from designing, manufacturing, product distribution and mainly customer experience. JustFab Inc. is the parent company to other fashion brands such as ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, Fabkids, and FL2.

Subscription into JustFab products is at $39.95 per month and is automatically given upon buying. Members are required to complete a survey about their fashion preferences on Each month, a stylist chooses items based on the preferences and members are given an opportunity to choose from these selections or request new choices. If the members choose to skip the month, no charge is accrued.

Since his youth, Adam Goldenberg has been a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 13, he started his online bulletin board which later grew into a gaming website known as Gamers’ Alliance. At the age of 17, Gamers’ Alliance was bought by Intermix which later named him as the company’s COO at the age of 19.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are also the co-founders of the beauty company, Intelligent Beauty in 2006. The company is an e-commerce internet brand incubator operating businesses in beauty, personal care, and fashion. The company’s headquarters are in El Segundo California.

Another of Adam Goldenberg’s and Don Ressler’s main investments is Fabletics. This is an online retailer for athletic wear was founded in 2013 at Part of the TechStyle Company, this is the fasted growing label as of 2015. As of 2016, April, Fabletics had six mortar and brick locations and had plans to open 75-100 new outlets for the next five years.