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Innovacare Health Inc. And it’s Impeccable Leadership

Innovacare Health is a company in the health industry that specializes in the areas of Managed Care, Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantages, Value-based Care and Provider Networks. The company, which was founded by Daniel E. Straus, employs a team of more than five thousand employees who work around the clock to create innovative and affordable solutions for their myriads of clients. The company has three headquarter locations in the East Coast, Greater New York region and in the Northeastern area of the United States. The company is set to revolutionize and redefine the healthcare industry and is doing so by focusing on the needs of their clients who also happen to be patients, their health, the quality of their services, their relationship with their clients as well as the quality of the leadership of the company. in doing so, the company recently announced new additions to their already tremendous leadership team at the mid of the year 2016. Among the new additions is one Penelope Kokkinides.



About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is the current Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Health. Prior to her employment in this company, Penelope spent more than two decades working in the healthcare industry. She has experience working with the government on programs specializing in Medicaid and Medicare among other tasks in the Managed Care sector. For years, she has garnered paramount experience and expertise in the development of clinical programs and their operation as well as organizational infrastructure. In addition to her extensive experience, Penelope has also served in a number of leadership roles like the Executive Vice President position, and the Chief Operating Officer Position in more than one company including the Centerlight Healthcare Firm. According to Rick Shinto, Penelope is set to become an asset to the company. For more info you can checkout



About Rick Shinto

Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Innovacare Health. In addition to this role, he also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of MMM Healthcare. Shinto is a former leader at Aveta as well as PMC Medicare Choice where he worked as the CEO as well. Like Penelope, Richard Shinto also boasts of more than two decades of experience in the fields of operational and clinical healthcare. Shinto has a BS from the Irvine branch of the University of California. He also holds a medical degree from the Stony Brook branch of the University of the State of New York and a Redlands University MBA. With the new team, Shinto is hopeful about the future of Innovacare. To see more you can visit




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Hussain Sajwani Builds A Successful Luxury Real Estate Business In Dubai

The Dubai-based business leader, Hussain Sajwani has recently become one of the most important philanthropists and supporters of major UAE Government programs in the nation through his sponsorship of various actions. The billionaire DAMAC owner has been building his luxury real estate brand since 2002 and began various other entrepreneurial endeavors as far back as the early 1980s when he had first begun working in the oil and gas exploration industry. A dedicated philanthropist, Hussain Sajwani has been looking to build a stronger community in the United Arab Emirates by seeking to assist in the development of one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world.


After developing his first company, a food services company which was initially created to provide meals for workers in the oil and gas exploration industry based in the Middle East. Sajwani himself had identified this as an area of little competition when he was working within the financial department of the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Corporation; the initial success of the company led to the expansion of services to military and other sectors including the provision of services to the U.S. military. Hussain Sajwani still maintains his food services company which has expanded its area of operation to portions of Asia and Africa. Learn more:


The luxury real estate sector has been the area of greatest growth for the brands established and owned by Hussain Sajwani in the 21st-century. Hussain Sajwani has been a major force in developing a new way of securing finance for some of the top luxury real estate developments in the UAE where he made his name offering a luxury vehicle to every purchaser of apartments through his DAMAC Properties group.


Now an advisor and supporter of the UAE Royal Family, Hussain Sajwani has developed his own philanthropic efforts which include the provision of clothing for low-income families across the world each year at Ramadan. DAMAC Properties provided funding for the Red Crescent humanitarian group to provide clothing for upwards of one million children over the last period the program was in operation.

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