The U.S. Money Reserve: A Leader in Precious Metal Distribution

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area. It left thousands with damaged or destroyed homes and in need of things we normally take for granted. After the storm the U.S. Reserve joined forces with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to help the people in need. The partnership aided provided financial assistance, emergency housing, transportation and other basic services. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve created a fund where all of the donations went directly to Austin Disaster Relief Network to assist survivors. U.S. Money Reserve also pledged to match all donations up to $100,000. The U.S. Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has offices throughout the region. Some of its employees and customers were also affected by the storm.

Hurricane Harvey caused enormously damaging flooding throughout Texas and killed at least 82 people. Rainfall was 40-65 inches in most areas.

This was the first major storm to hit the United States since 2005. The damage is estimated to exceed $180 billion dollars. Many basic items such as hygiene products, water, clothing and medications were in short supply.

The U.S. Reserve was established in 2001 and is one of the largest private distributors of precious metals and money. The company focuses on providing help to customers on purchasing precious metals. It has over 400,000 clients that it serves. The U.S. Money Reserve has an excellent rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Philip N. Diehl is the current president of the U.S. Reserve. He brings extensive knowledge to the job having served as the Director of the United States Mint. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

The company has enormous buying power which enables them to offer their clients the finest in precious metals. It employs some of the best and most experienced professionals in the business.

If you are in the market for the type of services they offer, there is no better choice than the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Reserve has a great return policy. Most metals returned within 30 days will be fully refunded for any reason. After 30 days a refund will be offered at the current market value of the metals.


Strategies Utilized by Fabletics to Reach a $250M Valuation in 3 Years

Fabletics succeeded in achieving what everybody considered to be impossible. They dared to take on the e-retail giant and judging by the look of things, this fashion company owned by among others, Kate Hudson, has outdone itself. The brand specializes in offering quality fashion apparels for women interested in comfortable exercise and work clothes. In the coming days, and as part of their broader expansion strategy, they are scheduled to introduce a line for men.


Redefining the Shopping Experience


The explosion of consumerism means that a brand has to put in a lot of effort into their products. Consumers want the very best quality and price is not always an issue. People place more emphasis on the quality and the value they are getting their money’s worth. The one thing which separates this outlet from its competitors and peers is their approach to dealing with the customers. Fabletics has put in place several measures and mechanisms to ensure they get a near-perfect picture of what you, as their customer, likes and wants. Becoming a member of this outlet comes with many rewards, for instance, you get tailor-made suggestions and recommendations every time a new interesting fashion piece arrives. That’s not even mentioning the tons of discounts and other money-saving offers VIP members receive working with this fashion house.


Fighting Amazon


Building and maintain a healthy relationship with their clients has seen Fabletics increase their presence, tremendously. Today, the establishment, also owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, has physical stores in ten countries spread out across the globe. The top executive leaders at Fabletics are have studied the fashion industry for decades. Eventually, it dawned on them why the traditional brick-and-stone fashion stalls were not doing so well. Customers often walk into this premises to window shop at most; once they find a piece which interests them they take a snap of the sweater or shoe and then look for it on Amazon. In a bid to avoid their customer’s shopping elsewhere, Fabletics has a strategy which involved curating in as much online data about their members, with the consent of course. Fabletics then uses the information about the pages they like and their fashion tastes and preferences and then finds items matching their description to suggest to their customers.


About Fabletics


Fabletics Inc. is an online subscription fashion store owned by the trio of Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The brand officially got launched in 2013 and has fast risen to be an inspirational success story and model to the business world. It’s currently valued at $250M and this figure is expected to hit a billion in less than a decade, according to financial analysts.


Business Founder, Business Success

Talos Energy – First American Energy Company Drilling in Mexico in 80 years

The country of Mexico has controlled all oil exploration in its territorial waters for the past several decades, but now it appears the tide is changing as private international collaborations have begun. The well of note for the first international drilling operation is located in Sureste Basin just off of the coast of Tabasco. Estimates show the find is extensive and is of great interest to the global oil industry, as well as Mexico itself. The nation could potentially control a wealth of untapped oil deposits. The oil drilling prior to the new international collaboration initiative had been totally controlled internally by the government and private Mexican companies. This also meant were also be required to fund drilling operations. The new plan is focused on privatization and cooperation. And, the Sureste Basin deposits will be the pilot case and more information click here.

The private energy companies being allowed to assist in the extraction process are London-based Premier Oil, Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico, and Talos Energy headquartered in Houston, Texas. Profits from the deposits will be distributed among the cooperative companies at a rate of 40% for Sierra Oil and Gas, 25% for Premier Oil, and 35% for Talos Energy. The odd division of return margins allows for the work Talos Energy performs in the field, as the Houston energy company actually implements the drilling process and manages the drilling platform operation and learn more about Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is a well-respected energy company in the south of Texas and is known for their innovative thinking and funding applications. They began as a consulting and drilling operation on a minimal budget and grew the original company to double value before selling out to Apache. They are a no-frills energy company that believes in maintaining a streamline staff who should be rewarded when the company experiences growth and significant financial cash flow. Talos Energy was also recently named by WorkplaceDynamics as the top energy company to work for in the Houston area and their Facebook.

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Eric Lefkofsky Ensuring Better and Effective Cancer Treatment Through Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known serial entrepreneur, author, technology enthusiast, and philanthropist based in the United States. Over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has co-founded many companies that have gone on to achieve great heights of success. One of the companies that he is most famously known for is Groupon Inc, which currently has the market valuation of over two billion. At one point in time, even Google offered to buy Groupon, but the offer was rejected due to various technical and legal issues. Other companies that he has co-founded include Echo Global Logistics, Uptake Technologies, Lightbank Investments, and MediaOcean.

One of the companies that Eric Lefkofsky recently co-founded is Tempus, which is a company that deals in gathering clinical, molecular, and genomic data for the treatment of cancer. When one of the loved one of Eric Lefkofsky was under treatment for a form of cancer, he realized that the doctors were not sure about the procedure being provided and there is a significant lack of clinical and molecular data aggregated at one source for the use of oncologists. It is how the idea to start Tempus came into his mind as he believes that technology has a more significant role to play in cancer treatment. Tempus would centralize the data it gathers for the use of oncologists from around the world. It would help the patients get personalized treatment that is necessary for faster recovery and the control of damage caused by cancer and read full article.

Eric Lefkofsky has started Tempus not with the aim of making money out of it but to make a difference in the cancer research field, which is lacking the data aggregation facility for so long. He believes that it is a roadblock that must be removed at the earliest to provide a ray of hope to the millions of people from across the globe suffering due to cancer. At the moment, the doctors have a very uniform approach towards treating cancer patients, and genomic data is not taken into the account when deciding the cancer treatment to be pursued. However, Tempus would help make the genomic data into consideration too, which would assist in providing effective cancer treatment and his Facebook.

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Talent Agency

Modeling Agency-Brown Modeling Agency

Modeling was not considered a career in the early days; instead, most people took it as a fun activity. However, times have changed and nowadays modeling is an income generating activity to only the models but also to modeling agents which train them and offer jobs for the models all over the world. For every young person who loves being on stage, loves clothes, design, as well as glamour, becoming a model is their top job and career. Nevertheless, it is not a walk in the park when one wants to pursue modeling as their full-time job; one has to look for a modeling academy or agent where they must dedicate their time, and build their energy in the industry as well. There are several modeling agencies which have been established to help the upcoming as well as the existing models in the fashion and beauty industry. Visit to know more.

Brown Agency is one of the largest commercial modeling agencies in Austin. The modeling organization was created and came into existence in 2010 during spring. Ever since its foundation; the modeling firm has been experiencing tremendous growth with them being part of the top fashion events in the United States of America. Brown Modeling Agency expanded to be a leader in the industry especially in the Austin region, and have set-top standards by their models working for various top brands in the world among them; Toyota, Louis Vuitton, as well as Dell among other leading organizations in the world. Brown Modeling Agency trains their models who are the pride of the modeling organization, and on many occasions, they have graced several runways during fashion events. Some of the fashion events that the models have participated include; Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and Austin Fashion Week among others.

The Brown Modeling Agency was known as Wilhelmina Austin but changed to Brown Agency in the summer of2015 when it acquired another big modeling agency in Austin; Heyman-Talent South. As the two came together they had a primary purpose of offering quality modeling services and becoming top modeling agency in Austin, Texas. Their coming together has enabled the modeling organization to offer a broad range of fashion as well as experienced talent in the modeling sector. Over the years the modeling firm has become one of the most respected and famous agencies in the industry. Justin Brown is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Brown Modeling Agency, and the founder of Heyman Talent-South will bring his vast experience and expertise in the firm by being the leader of the dramatic division of the Brown Modeling Agency. In a statement; Justin mentioned that they were thrilled to join together to offer the best, professional as well as stylish talent.