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The Leader Within

Rick Shinto is a leader by nature. After joining InnovaCare Health, he really sees how this firm can succeed in an industry with endless possibility. He created an environment where everyone fed off of each other’s teamwork, providing great communication for anyone involved. The strong relationships created by these qualified professionals have allowed the company to grow and prosper. For example, after starting at InnovaCare, Shinto has been able make a doctor’s visit much more affordable for patients. This has attracted a pretty big crowd to the firm. People have been choosing InnovaCare over various other large insurance companies for this fact alone. Shinto and Innovacare have made it possible for Puerto Ricans to have access to phenomenal healthcare due to the fact of innovative technology. This also gives them cheap options without having to sacrifice service or quality. In fact, customer service rates at a consistent 90 percent. Because of their success that Shinto has lead them to, they have confidence that they will be able to expand into new markets and have success there as well.


Before all of the success occurred, Shinto started his career in the medical field as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Prior to this, he earned his MBA at Redlands University and his medical degree from the University of New York.

Before Innovacare, Shinto was CEO at Aveta Inc. While there, he was awarded with the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This further highlights Rick Shinto’s leadership ability. He won this due to his commitment to success through various innovative ideas and his dedication towards helping communities. Overall, Shinto’s experience and his love for improving situations for others led him to his career at InnovaCare. I believe that under his control, InnovaCare will continue to grow and prosper just as they did when Shinto was hired. Read more at about Rick Shinto.

Overall, I believe Rick Shinto is a person we should all look up to and respect for his leadership capabilities. He has literally led this company to massive success in such a respectable way. As the cliche goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. This is definitely the case for Rick Shinto and InnovaCare. Their relationships and great communication have done wonders for the company and the success shows it. Innovacare is a company with such great momentum that I don’t see them slowing down any time in the near future.

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