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Development of Oncotarget and the New Sections

Oncortarget is a traditional journal with free access. The oncotarget publishes online papers in weekly issues. Each paper is printed on special demand. The mission at oncotarget is to make scientific results by maximizing the impact of research through insightful review. They allow discoveries to be shared quickly by eliminating border between specialties. They link different fields of biomedical science. Through the leadership of prominent scientists, the journal enables researchers to contribute to the progress of science. Their ultimate goal is to ensure life without diseases. The privately held company that employees about 50 employees has experienced success and is now prompted to launch sections beyond oncology. Several articles has been edited in oncotarget.

One of the eye-catching articles is for cellular rejuvenation. In the article, the author identified that dietary energy intake is acceptable as a powerful and robust intervention to extend lifespan and slow down aging. One of the suitable indicator of lifespan extension according to oncotarget is inhibition of mTOR activity. The mechanism Target of Rapamycin or the mTOR is promoting growth that is activated by circulating insulin and amino acids and other factors that drive the synthesis and growth of cellular proteins. mTOR is used due to its ability to counteract cellular cleansing and rejuvenation by preventing autophagy and promoting derangement of metabolic. Mutant models with defective mTOR activity are no longer responsive to lifespan extension by DR. mTOR hyperactivation is constantly triggered hence circulating nutrients to cellular senescence and aging. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Under the leadership of Michael Lisanti who is the former editor in chief of the American Journal of Pathology, oncotarget has launched a pathology section. The organization which was formed in May 2010 has received an impact factor of 6.63 in two years in a row. Its popularity and success have led to the launch of new sections, pathology being one of them.

Oncotarget sponsored the Gordon Research Conference held at the University of England. Howard and Rama chaired the conference. Its main aim was discussing rediscovering metalloproteinases as disease targets. Since the discovery of tissue as a remodeling enzyme, matrix MMPs and other related ADAM and ADAMTS families have been named the highest contributor of diseases in human beings. The conference discussed these contributors and the clinical trials that have been performed. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

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