Rebel Wilson Can Now Add Cats Movie To Her List Of Films

Rebel Wilson is the most recent actress who has been added to the cast of the movie Cats. Wilson, who starred in “Pitch Perfect” will play the role of Jennyanydots, an old Gumbie cat who enjoys cooking, teaching mice, and dancing.

The cast list already has Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Taylor Swift, Laurie Davidson, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, and Royal Ballet’s Francesca Hayward and Steven McRae. The film will be directed by Tom Hooper, and will arrive in theaters December 20th, 2019.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an actress from Australia. Her mother works as a professional dog handler. Initially, Rebel Wilson wanted to have a mathematics career. She says she was was great with numbers all the time, and carried a pretty good academic record during high school.

When she attended the University of New South Wales she finished with a B.A. in theatre and performance students as well as a bachelor of laws degree. It wasn’t until she was on an assignment as a rotary international youth ambassador stationed in South Africa that she realized she should be an actress. She came down with malaria, and during hallucinations she saw herself winning an Oscar. That was enough for her to pursue a career as an actress.

Pursuing The Dream

Among other things, Rebel Wilson is also a producer and writer. She attended Australian Theatre for Young People and graduated in 2003. She has been credited for roles in other movies such as “Bachelorette”, “Bridesmaids”, and the soon to hit theaters film “Isn’t It Romantic”. She entered the West End Cast in 2015 when she played Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls”. After finishing school she instantly appeared” as Toula on the SPS comedy series called “Pizza”. She was also on the comedy series “The Wedge”.

Making A Name For Herself

In 2008 Rebel Wilson wrote, starred, and produced the musical comedy “Bogan Pride”. The next year she was awarded best actress for her character in Bogan. She also guest appeared in “City Homicide”. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

A little while after relocating to the U.S., Wilson joined the “Bridesmaids” cast as Brynn. Wilson has also been in “A Few Best Men”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as well as “Struck by Lightning”. These last few titles are what gave Rebel Wilson lots of attention as a comic back in 2011.

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Rebel Wilson To Play Jennyanydots In Universal-Working Title’s ‘Cats’


Todd Levine and His Great Litigation Services

Todd Levine works on every complex business dispute presented to him. In his career, he tackles misunderstandings and conflicts in the entertainment and sports industries and many other commercial settings. He is skilled in his niche and strategizes on a case before handling it. He has worked as a litigator for years, and his experience as an attorney has enabled him help and save the many clients that seek his services.




His interest in complex commercial litigation was drawn from his capability to untangle the complicated stuff easily. He started working on complex cases very early in his career. By simplifying issues to make the comprehension of the jury easy, Todd Levine knew that litigation was his calling. His success grew his client base and made him more significant in the courtroom. Todd’s form of the lawsuit is diverse as he travels a lot when work calls.







The excellent attorney work Todd Levine does has earned him notable coverage in the Florida Trend Magazine and the Super Lawyers Business Edition among other publications. To get where he is, Todd Levine ensures that he puts his clients first before anything. He often responds to inquiries within a day, as he prioritizes his clients’ needs.




When not an attorney, Todd Levine prides himself as a musician and artist, he is talented in playing the guitar and keyboard and enjoys entertaining a few friends and family. Being a musician is not just a hobby for Todd, he loves that he gets to express himself differently, and interact with other parties in informal settings. Music and arts also help him view litigation from a different perspective.



Betsy DeVos Plans To Enact School Choice Policies In America

When you talk about the United States Government in 2018, you can’t get around a discussion centered on the work of President Donald Trump. Donald Trump rose to acclaim during the 2016 Presidential election campaign due to his rhetoric and outsider perspective on politics. While President Trump may be the engine that is keeping the American government moving toward reformation, we are far more interested in the work being done by his capable cabinet members. While there are many famous names and faces on President Trump’s cabinet, we are far more interested in the work being done by a political newcomer, Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos rose swiftly in Michigan’s political scene thanks to her ability to cut to the core of a concept and her utmost faith in her stances. DeVos is probably most well known for her stance on conservative education reform and, more specifically, the concept of school choice. School choice is a popular conservative stance in regards to education reform but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, without Betsy DeVos, we doubt that there would be any prominent movement for school choice taking shape in America. Let’s dig deeper into school choice, the work of Betsy DeVos, and what it all means.


Betsy DeVos realized early on in life that she wanted to help bring reformation to somewhere that needed it. If you talked to any parent in America you’d likely find that most of them have issues with the current state of public education. While we dump money into the system, results never seem to change. At some point, a different approach to school reformation needs to be taken. This is where Betsy DeVos and her reformative mindset come into play.


As a reformer, a title that her entire family wears proudly, Betsy DeVos believes in taking a new approach to an old problem. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will be attempting to bring school choice into the public curriculum by championing the positive aspects of the position. School choice places more funding int he hands of alternative educational facilities such as charter schools or religious schools. By supporting these institutions with federal money, parents will be able to choose from many different educational opportunities so that their kids will get the teaching that they need in the environment that most naturally fits them. This position was originally championed by Milton Friedman in the ’50s but through thirty years of hard work, Betsy DeVos has brought it to America in 2018.


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Shervin Pishevar says that hyperloop technology represents paradigm shift

Shervin Pishevar ranks as one of the most important figures in the world of tech finance. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company, a venture capital firm that concentrates primarily in the tech sector. Investment company has funded some of the most famous startups of the last decade, including Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop. On his own, Shervin Pishevar has also founded companies like WebOS, Social Gaming Network and Ionside.

Shervin Pishevar also runs one of the most-followed Twitter feeds in the country. He has more than 100,000 followers and has the attention of some of the leading thinkers within Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar regularly tweets on a wide range of topics, including the economy, the state of technology and the fiscal and monetary policies of the government.

But one of the topics about which he has been most excited has been the development of hyperloop technology. As a key early figure in the creation of Virgin Hyperloop, Shervin Pishevar has been an enthusiastic promotor of hyperloop technology from the beginning. In a recent tweet storm, he continued sharing with the public the many reasons that this could ultimately prove to be a game-changing technology.

Shervin Pishevar says that hyperloop technology represents a dramatic leap forward in the state of transportation. There are three reasons that hyperloops have to potential to revolutionize travel. The first is efficiency. Because hyperloops exist within a vacuum and involve either magnetic or air-bearing levitation, the coefficient of drag is reduced almost to zero. Even some of the most frictionless modes of transport, like freight ships and freight trains, produce vastly more drag than hyperloops. This leads into the second revolutionary aspect. The huge efficiency gains ultimately translate into incredible efficiency, meaning that hyperloops will likely cost only a fraction of what driving or airfare might run.

The third revolutionary aspect of hyperloops is speed and time savings. Because hyperloops are both faster than jets and set up more or less like a subway, the travel times for regional trips may be cut by as much as 80 percent. These things will ultimately mean that hyperloops may become the regional transport mode of the future.


Bumble Apps, Business Owner, CEO

Whitney Wolfe Tremendous Contribution Towards Improving Online dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe is highly recognized for her contribution in women empowerment. Whitney discovered significant problems with the dating sites and took a step of faith and decided to solve these issues out. There are many reported cases on sexual harassment by many women using online dating sites, but nothing or just little is done about it. Whitney Wolfe is ready and well set to turn things around by use of her online dating app, Bumble. Bumble app was established in 2014. This app is aimed at changing the manner in which online dating usually works. It has gained much support and has gone viral which has, in turn, earned it large subscriber-ship. The app is set to empower women and is set in such a way that the connection can only be initiated when women make the first move. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Bumble online dating app has made online dating safe and much comfortable since there is a meager rate of sexual harassment. There less than 1 percent of the entire users who report any sexual harassment issue, unlike other online dating sites and apps. Many apps are usually ignorant whenever there is a report on sexual harassment; they say that something is done right and that the end. The feature that might have brought about the entire difference is by giving women the initiative. This factor appears to have eliminated some of the factors that led to sexual harassment. There are million Bumble subscribers as well as hundred millions of perfect matches. Bumble have not got to the levels of Tinder, but it’s fast-growing and in both size and popularity.

Whitney Wolfe stands as an entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. She has been in the career of creating and developing apps for the online industry for a long time. She recently decided to pull out from his job and improve her dating site instead. She has incredible, and excellent management skills that have, in turn, helped Bumble to be among the most prominent dating apps today. As the Bumble CEO, she has vast experience, and she is a socially conscious investor. Whitney Wolfe main objective is to improve the norm and culture of the internet and bring to end issues of Sexual harassment.

Learn more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2017/11/14/billion-dollar-bumble-how-whitney-wolfe-herd-built-americas-fastest-growing-dating-app/


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Gareth Henry Stands as One of the Most Experienced Actuary in the Financial Industry

Gareth Henry is one of those individuals who have specifically trained to work in the complicated investment industry. He provides insight and knowledge on how organizations should spread their investments so as to maximize their output while at the same time putting losses to the minimum. He brings much discipline and experience to a large number of organizations, which he represents as the head of investor relations. He represents some of the most renowned alternative asset managers in the industry. One of the main factors that makes Gareth Henry to standout as one of the best investment analysts is that he has been able to work in a large number of organizations in a similar or related industry. He has therefore earned vital experience that has not been garnered by other investment analysts working in the same industry.

Besides working in some prominent organizations in the industry, the actually has been able to represent Fortress Investment Group as head of international relations. A large number of individuals have received specialized education in investment analysis and mathematics so that they can be fruitful in running organizations. Education has been a key concept through which Gareth Henry has been able to prosper. He is attained actually who attained a degree in one of the most prestigious degrees around the world, Actuarial Mathematics. He exists as one of the alumni of the University of Edinburgh, where he attained his training.

Not many people with such training have been able to reach to the heights that the experienced actuary has been able to achieve. He has been able to work in some of the private equity organizations around the world. It is evident that private equity companies are some of the largest companies around the world, which have been able to dominate the industry for a longer period. This means that Gareth Henry has been one of the contributing agent, who has played a key role in the expansion of the private sector. Moreover, working in the world of hedge fund means that the experienced actuary is able to work professionally and provide some of the most reliable decisions in the financial industry.

Businessman, Financial Expert

Peter Briger’s Career Journey before Getting to Fortress Investment Group

Princeton University was the first college that Peter Briger attended before joining the University of Pennsylvania where he later graduated with a master degree. In both institutions, Briger was pursuing his dream of becoming a business manager by doing a discipline in Business Administration. He passed very well and left a legacy in both institutions. However, of the two universities, Peter Briger was more attached to Princeton University than the University of Pennsylvania where he was at the Wharton School of Business. Due to this reason, Peter has been following all the events organized by the institution, most of which are meant for the alumni of Princeton and he has continued to participate in them. Recently, Briger was made the chairperson of the Association of Princeton University’s Alumni, an honor that demonstrated that he was recognized as a legend in the school. For more information about him click here.

After leaving the Wharton School of Business, Briger immediately got employed at the Goldman Sachs, one of the most recognized financial and investment institutions in the region during that moment. He was mandated to execute the operations that were directed to him by the head of the department, as a junior officer in the company. With time, the management noted that Peter Briger had some decision-making skills that not many individuals in the organization possessed. He was promoted to the position of head of portfolio management in the organization. This was the position that equipped Briger to become the excellent investment manager that he is today at Fortress Investment Group.

As the portfolio manager, Peter Briger was responsible for making the significant decisions on how and where to invest the funds of the bank’ investors. He was also mandated with the responsibility to decide which asset strategies in which the company would place their investments. This was a role that he managed with a lot of expertise, and the senior management of the company was impressed. In 1999, the managing director of Goldman Sachs retired and so Briger was left as the only option to replace the retiree, according to the preferences of the shareholders. Peter Briger served in this position until in 2002 when he transferred to Fortress Investment Group.

Visit his website: http://petebriger.com/


Krishen Iyer Increases Client Satisfaction With New Multi-Level Platform

Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefit Services, a marketing services company located in Fresno, CA. He is the founder of the firm, and it was previously named Quick Link Marketing. Krishen Iyer created the company with the concept of offering marketing consulting. The company creates a plan for generating customer leads to professionals in the insurance industry, namely for professionals in the areas of dental, life, and health insurance..


With an extensive background in the implementation of technological development and digital marketing, Krishen Iyer provides a full spectrum of marketing services to his clients. He and his team recently completed a new offering at Managed Benefit Services that provides a multi level platform for services. He anticipates that the new platform will add a greater level of benefits and results for his clients.


The entrepreneurial spirit in Krishen keeps him constantly searching for new developments that will improve and grow his company. He sets high standards for himself, and he has big goals that he has set for the company. He seeks innovative new techniques that can enhance the company’s capacity to meet the growing demands of the insurance sector. Ķrishen provides his consulting services to professionals who work in the competitive insurance industry. He creates his own unique marketing strategy to help pull a greater number of leads in the client’s direction.


Much of the success of his company comes from Krishen’s high standards for client relations. He takes on the responsibility of business development in his role as CEO. His diverse experience with digital marketing has proven to be highly effective for the company. The wide reaching effects of digital marketing are anticipated to continue to grow in the future.


Krishen Iyer is a graduate of San Diego University, and he currently resides in California.

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Shervin Pishevar: Bonds will not Solve the Market Problems as they been Overused

Bonds are financial instruments that are used by the government to control the problems of prices in the market. Shervin Pishevar notes that the government will be experiencing challenges in adjusting the market by use of bonds because the financial instruments have been used for a more extended period to control the market. However, there is a perception that a significant number of bonds used in the market have lost their effectiveness.

There are several methods that the government can use to control the prices of products in the country. Shares and other financial instruments are useful, but bonds play a critical role in solving the increasing interests in the economy. Although a significant number of individuals might complain about the increasing costs of goods and services, it appears that the government will not have an opportunity to offer any feasible solution to the skyrocketing costs of commodities.

Many individuals don’t understand why the effectiveness of the bond market has changed within a short period. Shervin Pishevar, however, notes that the bond market did not change all over sudden. The change has been slow and gradual to the point where the financial instruments are becoming ineffective in this era. These debt instruments were some of the traditional monetary policies that were used in ensuring that the economy was stable and that individuals could access whatever they wanted with much ease.

Shervin Pishevar goes on to educate individuals on how bonds are useful instruments in controlling the financial status of the country. The government issues a bond, probably an infrastructure bond, to encourage individuals to give debts to the government. This minimizes the amount of money that citizens in a country have. Lowering the amount of money that citizens have reduces the amount of money in circulation, hence decreasing the demand for goods and services.

However, according to Shervin Pishevar, a severe problem is likely to face the government because most of the debt control mechanisms will not be useful. Banks and individuals with so much money are not attracted to bond investment as they can get higher returns from other investments hence failing to solve the widespread problem.


New York

Jeremy Goldstein Still Passionate about the Recovery of People Living with Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein has been at the frontline in the war to fight for the rights of the individuals living with mental illness. In collaboration with the Fountain House, Jeremy has organized an enormous dinner whereby he expects a gathering of many of the top echelon individuals in the society.

The primary goal for the gathering is to raise funds that will be used to support Fountain House in their charitable activities that are geared towards improving the lives of the individual living with the mental illness condition. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch

This is not the first time that such a function has been organized. Before the onset of summer, Jeremy Goldstein had again spearheaded a fundraiser that was attended by a great team of philanthropists who share a common view about these individuals.

Fountain House has for the longest time in history been involved in the caring of the individuals who live with the mental condition. The foundation was kicked off by three individuals who had met in a hospital, coincidentally suffering from the same illness. After they recovered from the state, they realized that a lot more people had the same health issues.

What pained them was the way these individuals are treated in the society. They are handled as if they are from a second-generation population where they could be less valuable than the healthy people. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/ and https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews

They decided to buy a house in NYC, which they transformed into a home that they take care of the individuals suffering from the mental illness condition; they called it Fountain House. The people with the mental illness condition often encounter a lot of challenges that make them feel neglected and almost lose hope in life.

First, they face discrimination in most of the places that they get in the midst of healthy people. This starts in the common public places like schools and churches. The individuals are given a second-generation treatment that is quite unfair and demoralizing.

Due to this observation, Fountain house, under the leadership of Jeremy Goldstein who is a board member in the organization, has begun the initiative of taking special care for these individuals so that they can assist them to recover from the condition.

Research has shown that these individuals stand a chance to recover and live a productive life if they are granted the special attention that they deserve. With this in mind, Jeremy Goldstein has done everything that is within his ability to ensure that he assists as many individuals as possible under the umbrella of the Fountain House.